THE HEROIC DOSE – Dennis McKenna on Psilocybin Dosage – Magic Mushrooms

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DOSSAGE – Dennis McKenna
Dennis Mckenna is an ethnopharmacologist and author. His latest book, The Brotherhood Of The Screaming Abyss, chronicles the time he spent with his brother, the legendary Terence McKenna.



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40 thoughts on “THE HEROIC DOSE – Dennis McKenna on Psilocybin Dosage – Magic Mushrooms

  1. My heroic dose was 10 grams dried taken after 2 days of fasting. I had some tension in my hips and I started shaking. The tremors got pretty brutal very fast, I had to hold on to the armchair with all my strength to stabilize a little. In the meanwhile I was laughing while tears streamed down my face. I felt a burning sensation in my dick and my stomach. Days after the trip I realized I wasn't addicted to pornography anymore, so thank you mushrooms

  2. Only watching this because no matter how many times I eat them I am always scared to a degree. But soooo excited.

    90% excited, 10% scared.
    Or is it 10% excited and 90% scared?

  3. My 7 gram trip was insane, I didn’t “surrender” to ego death (I was tripping so hard I was unaware of it) and rather it felt like I was beat into submission by it, it’s like I had woken up, everything was nothing, nothing made sense, I thought I had lost my mind and was beginning to contemplate suicide, it did absolutely nothing for my depression but I think I’ll have to step up to 3/8ths to experience something life changing, but I also do wanna go back to lower doses to take them purely recreationally from time to time,.

  4. My 1st trip consisted of a carrier bag full of mushrooms . 2 mugs full of earthy tasting egg white thick drink . My pal who introduced me also had a book of runes and the stones . Amazing experience that night .

  5. Heroic is 8g with some peganum harmala …………..
    As a launchpad for a hit of changa when the visions start to kick in😅 Bayyyyym ! Condor eagle prophecy is in full swing

  6. Five grams is a light dose. Try eating 14 grams of psilocybin cyanescens. My good friend once ate 32 grams of dried p

    At 14 grams, wood lovers paralysis is strong. Your arms and legs feel like they weigh a hundred pounds each. When my friend ate the 32 grams I gave him, he spent the entire night on the floor in his living room eyes open gazing at the ceiling incoherently mumbling to himself.

    Complete and total wood lock.

  7. where cani find a more scientific discussion on psilocybin anyone? I would like to hear dennis or pollan speak of the neurological pathway binding, and compare to the dopaminergic pathways of certain anti-depressants

  8. I was interested in watching the rest of the episode but you have it tied behind a stupid sign up page. I get the hustle, but I went to your site, you got the traffic, let me watch the video. Anyways, off to Joe Rogan and the pleasant absence of shenanigans.

  9. On 2.7 grams, I spent about 25 minutes laughing uncontrollably as I walked in the dark with my dog. What was I laughing about? A realization. How silly everything is. How pointless and how seriously everyone is taking all of this when it's so not serious. I wanted the Earth to hug me for some reason. I wanted to lay down in the grass and wildflowers and just be enveloped by it. I has the presence of mind to not do that because too many po-po cruising the street and I knew I already looked cray af walking down the street laughing my ass off. I even stopped a few times doubled over, face hurting from laughter. I took the shrooms because I wanted to clean my mind and dig deeper about an issue I was having…A crush that was killing me. I thought I would cry during the trip before it began, because I was a little sad that the dude seems/seemed to not like me back. Once the trip really began going strong, it was not a crying type of trip. I felt like a cool, sassy auntie was talking to me and telling me to just forget, and it would be ok. The laughing realization was because it dawned on me that all of human attraction is based mostly on how the other party's genitals feel about your outward appearance. And I just lost in atomic laughter it because it's so foolish and hilarious. Like why should I feel bad about myself based on this dude's assessment of my 'shell' and how much it does not titillate his dick? I couldn't even fathom my body being substantial at the peak of the trip. I felt like was just energy. Looking at my hands was such a trip. I couldn't believe these things belonged to me and I could feel things with them because I was feeling everything in a different, more holistic way. Even my dog and I seemed to share a kind of telepathy. Even insects seemed like they were drawn to me and vie verse, flitting and looking in my face and then flying off as if to say "Hey! Look at me!". I'm still processing the realization, but I do seem to have less anxiety about being judged by dudes. I just don't care about that anymore because the shrooms weren't lying: No one's dick is the dispenser of my self worth and I'm more than this meat suit.

  10. I took 5 grams of Penis Envy a month ago, I was playing Hunter Call of the Wild with my buddies on Xbox live. 45 mins in I started laughing uncontrollably it was an amazing come up, the nature in the fame became so realistic (especially in 4K on and Xbox one X and 4K tv) so it was super immersive. 3 hours in the animals started talking to me so I took a break and walked outside as soon as I hit fresh open air and looked at the mountains behind my apartment the sky was radiating rainbows the mountains were waves of black and the world was a peaceful quiet. I went back upstairs laid down on my bed, started playing the video Hypnosis for past life regression and felt my body rise out of itself but I could feel the umbilical attaching me to the earth so I didn’t float away. When that was finished I listened to Ghost by Delta Heavy and could literally see the video through my closed eyelids and everything turned into the most insane light/laser show with moving shapes and this guy idk what the fuck he was but he was floating above a pond in the center of the earth reached his hand out to me and spoke to me. I saw the other side my gents it’s wild and I’m still trying to gain understanding about what I saw. I feel more aware than everyone around me and I feel like I can’t connect with anyone around me does anyone ever feel like that after they had the experience? Like nobody can understand me now and it changed how i Carry myself like I used to be so passive about everything and let people walk all over me now I’m calling people out all the time for their stuff I’m looking at people in different ways than I did. I’m not depressed about it or anything in fact it’s helped me accept and feel comfort in solitude.

  11. I had a bad trip once and nearly had a heart attack on 1/8+ because my heart rate and blood pressure went through the roof. Be carful when pushing it!

  12. For me, 2 grams is already heavy. I experienced this once and it was absolutely life altering, scary, beautiful and out of this world, literally. Afterwards, only accounts of NDE's resonated with what I was shown. So.. On one gram I can not go to a party haha. I know many who can, but for me it means to just lie down for hours, having conversations with God. 😉

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