The Easiest Way to Manifest Anything & Achieve Your Goals With Zero Resistance

The Easiest Way to Manifest Anything & Achieve Your Goals With Zero Resistance

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We’re going to be talking about how to manifest things faster and how to achieve your goals faster with minimal effort. Minimal effort meaning little resistance. It’s going straight at your goal without much procrastination or going straight at your goal because it’s a compulsion. This is something I found when I was learning how to pick up girls.

What you got to do is visualize how it feels when you achieve your goal. That excitement will give you the energy to achieve your goal.

Write all the things and feelings you are thankful for in your journal. Your brain obsesses about the action that would naturally produce the feelings that you visualized and that excitement will fuel you.

Be responsible for envisioning one goal by feeling it and writing down what you are thankful for from that achievement. Just envision and don’t worry about doing it. When your mind becomes obsessed with the little details about the before, during, and after, it’s in the details. It’s inevitable. Envisioning is more essential than spoken affirmations.

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