The Dark Side Of Meditation

Meditation – A list of the weird and negative side-effects that may arise as your meditation practices deepens.

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49 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Meditation

  1. I feel like some more explanation of WHY this sort of stuff can occur in the first place would of been handy.. otherwise it's just kinda more scary sounding and confusing than it needs to be…
    Some stuff comes up from your subconscious is one part I understood and makes sense (like past memories for one).. that happens regardless of meditation for people with repressed histories.. so I can see that happening more so with meditation. But the rest of it didn't get much explanation at all from memory…

  2. 15 years meditation was enough for me. I stopped it. Meditation may be good for some. But when its advanced enough, it is pure death. You can feel life leeching out of your body. You literally die. Not at first. First times are luminous and wonderful. Then it will go hard. After that it will be easy, then its too easy. Then you take hours at a time and you lose all sight from the world. No more energy, no more illumination, just silent death. I'm sure you can die from meditating when you are good enough at meditating. Loneliness, meaninglessness, fear and so on, is actually entry level things in meditation. When you take on those and go trough them, then its death. No fear of death, but just death. Why would i want to kill myself by meditating? But if you are beginning or have been meditating for few years, you should meditate more, or take 'delics & meditate. You know when you have been meditated enough.

  3. Preparing, as in doing more meditating, for Dr Joe Dispenza's Advanced Workshop and as a result was ready to back out from having some crazy side effects i.e. Insomnia, anxiety, bright vibrating lights with eyes closed, shaking as if I have Parkinson's at times and tingling . Thanks to this video, I know to just relax and surrender. I don't feel now, like I'm losing my mind. With that said, I hope the insomnia subsides. That's the worst part! I'm going to check out your site. Sounds like it'll help a lot.

  4. I'm meditating for like more than 4 years approximately. I meditate for 1 hour 30 minutes per day but as soon as I end this session I want to meditate more? I hate doing anything else like I hate paying attention to my studies n other work nothing at all it's just I find peace n meditating only. It sounds awesome to many but it's not that at all. It become frustrating alot of times. I don't understand why this is happening to me?

  5. Firstly, thank you for this video. I have been doing meditation for a couple of months and I have seen some of these. But, after watching this video I have a question in my mind. So, you are saying that meditation is dissolving the ego. What is ego exactly? Why is it the bad guy? Why dissolving it will help us? Isn't ego the number one thing that makes us competitive and successful? Many of the successful people are very egoist actually. Can you explain me the reason why ego is bad and why we should fight it? Enlighten me please! Thanks.

  6. I experienced half of the weird side effects you mentioned. The scariest being the puppet master and the Aliens which sent me to the psych ward. After a period of bliss, I'm now going through the Dark Night where everything seems meaningless to me. It gave me great comfort in knowing that this is part of the process, so thank you. Was just wondering if you had the source that talked about the puppet master or the Aliens. It would help my friends and family to know that more than one source has reported this type of thing happening through meditation. Thank you!

  7. Hey Leo I came to this video because I did the meditation technique where I sat down and did absolutely nothing for about an hour yesterday night. All day today I've been feeling vibration pulses which go up to my head/ brain. But as strange as it sound it feels like a pulsing orgasm in my head. Ps I been watching and following actualized for a year now. Is this the kundalini shooting you explained in this vid?

  8. Hey Leo! Great insights and some of the weird stuff, but also benefits are already experinced. It is good to know that many more would come. Been meditating for 2 years now everyday. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing🙏

  9. Wish I saw this a few years back when I first started meditating. Definitely would have helped with all the bumps. I was looking for a solution then though not side effects or more circles… The irony in it is cold. To be in the same position that started you on this journey to begin with. Most ppl give basic common sense assumptions. Only seen 2 ppl actually give real insight on this. Worst part is when your the person that doesn't like to make the same mistake yet you fall in reverse and question everything when you feel like your back at square one but with even more doubt and problems. Then it is as simple as remembering to step outside of yourself to remember you didn't lose your mind and imagine everything.

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  13. I was strongly wondering over the years if Leo would ever touch on Paranormal Phenomena topics, he has arrived and quelled my insatiable desire to distinguish between Self-actualizing from a psychological base Vs psychic abilities, aliens etc. I have always separated the two and felt as though i've been pursuing separate paths but now i feel as though it's One path

  14. Thank u Leo
    Yess Leo, get homosexual with me ;);):)
    When Psychology gets into Paranormal Phenomena that's scary!!! :O
    OK Leo, the madness has begun, time to dive into the madness/messiness that is the path to enlightenment

  15. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At first I was in denial, and since I’ve come to make decisions that will make the most out of mental stability (I don’t blame weed tho). So is meditation exacerbating whatever the fuck causes bipolar disorder? I only meditate for like 10-20 minutes a day and it feels like I’m at least more aware of my mental state, but I’m curious about a possible link between the two.

  16. The reason I got into meditation was to get clarity, peace, happiness & awareness. I didn't think there would be side effects such as these, but it does makes sense. In order to get peace, clarity, happiness etc. You have to let go of all the negatively/fears that are in your subconscious mind. Meditation will bring everything to the surface so that you can either face/observe it or let the ego get in the way & fall deeper. It all about having an open mind, I will continue meditating because it seems worth it in the long run.

    LIL' FUCKASS 2008 BITCH!!!!

  18. Personally I’ve never had any suicidal thoughts or feelings nor have I had any spells of depression or something. I’m really glad I watched this in case this does happen. Thank you so much for this! You’re the best and we love you Leo. Have a blessed day 💙

  19. I did transcendental meditation for 6 months in 2016 and only ever experienced great sadness and anger and suicidal thoughts and I'd just lie in my bed all day feeling miserable, I have one glimpse of presence which kept me going but overall, the nightmares and bad experiences and the negative effects it had on my life where just too hard for me, so I stopped, I can still feel the vibration of my third eye n still have wild dreams too but to the present day I just can't face it.

  20. Thank you for this video. I am just starting meditating and today’s meditation caused an insane bout of rage and hopelessness. I was ready to do something crazy. WHY does this happen?!

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