“The Courage to See, the Power to Choose” with Joanna Macy, PhD

“The Courage to See, the Power to Choose” with Joanna Macy

Non-stop war-making, climate chaos, lost harvests, poisoned seas and bodies, refugees in the millions pouring over borders while millions of Americans are locked in prison… How do we relate to such immensities of suffering? How can we dare to see the pain when we don’t know how to stop it? The helplessness of the bystander falls away as we discover that the pain is our own. What willingness arises then? And what clarity of choice? More at www.naropa.edu.


4 thoughts on ““The Courage to See, the Power to Choose” with Joanna Macy, PhD

  1. Animal agriculture is a candy coated term for enslavement of the animals, confinement, abuse and murder. We need a world free of oppression for all, including animals that are seen and treated as nothing more than a commodity, a piece of meat. Offering the happiness to these animals by not consuming them in any way, can help us to heal all our wounds and live in a world free of violence of all kinds.

  2. The only solution: cooperation with compassion.  Thank you.
    People are overwhelmed & afraid to differ or question the status quo.
    Bodies & will suboptimal due to adverse health effects of environmental degradation.

  3. Greetings from Scotland dear sister. You inspired me in 1984 when I attended your "Empowerment W/Shop" in Manjushri in Cumbria and I have drawn on your insight and strength ever since to support and energise me in my daily commitment  to secure a future for my 9 grandchildren based on social justice and sustainable practice. Bless you in your continued Work on behalf of our beleaguered Planet and all its residents <3 <3 <3

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