The Cosmic Secret

For time immemorial humanity has looked to the Stars for answers to unlock our origins. We have interpreted prophecy with the hope of predetermining our future. Through religious texts, scripture, art and oral tradition we have laid an enigmatic and illusive breadcrumb trail to our past, and yet the questions remain: Who are we? Why are we here and what is our destiny? Best Selling Author and Renowned Researcher David Wilcock brings together a vast and eclectic knowledge base to present an alternative human history like you would never believe. Joined by an all-star lineup of researchers, scientists, archeologists and insiders, The Cosmic Secret will make you question every page in your history book and everything you thought you knew about reality. Prepare yourself for a film that may very well challenge your every belief system and in the process unveil the secrets of humanities long-lost cosmic origins.


9 thoughts on “The Cosmic Secret

  1. Yeah…ok! Hey a big fckin solar blast is gonna roast us then a polar flip and 2 mile tsunami just for giggles….think love man, be happy. DUDE! It's the gov. Preparing us for it and they're hoping it's not like the worst part of the bible with people doing insane and horrendous shit! Be calm Watch the Nova…right! If you knew the whole world was ending, what would u do? What if society breaks down…no food, no electricity! Be Calm Watch the Nova…..Fck you I'm sorry people but I'm horrified by this and I've known for quite awhile. I don't trust these idiots for a second. My suggestion, stop meditating and start preparing lady's and gentleman, IT'S GONNA BE A LONG NIGHT.

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