The Best Tip for Atrial Fib (Atrial Fibrillation)

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Dr. Berg talks about the best tip for atrial fib. This is based on the book, Beat Your A-Fib by Steve Ryan Ph.D. This condition is usually triggered by a magnesium deficiency. It can also be a potassium deficiency. However it is difficult to determine these mineral differences because of where most of the minerals are located – inside the cell. It is recommended to take a type of magnesium called angstrom, which is 1 million times smaller than other forms.

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Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government and the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning, published by KB Publishing in January 2011. Dr. Berg trains chiropractors, physicians and allied healthcare practitioners in his methods, and to date he has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals. He has been an active member of the Endocrinology Society, and has worked as a past part-time adjunct professor at Howard University.












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46 thoughts on “The Best Tip for Atrial Fib (Atrial Fibrillation)

  1. My mom and her brother had A/F as well as my sister and me. It seems to run in the family… congenital I think it's called and despite all the steps I've taken, it progresses.

    One third of A/F sufferers will wind up in Continual A/F (Continual Arrythmia). Yes it seems to be electrical/electrolyte in nature but a whole carload of kale will not resolve it.

    Go see a cardiologist and I would suggest that you be prescribed an "Anti-Coagulant" for your piece of mind and not a blood thinner like that rat poison brand that needs constant monitoring.

    Interesting… there is no evidence that A/F sufferers will experience 5-7 times more strokes than the population. (A/F is not a heart structure problem). I could cite a study involving 7,500 subjects over a duration 30 years that came to no such conclusion.

    I could go on but this is not my channel.

    Thank you Dr. Berg.

  2. My cardiologist years ago had me take a blood test and he tested for magnesium, potassium and vitamin d. They were so low it concerned him and scared me. I was overweight by about 25 pounds. My afib was getting worse. So now today, I take Mag, Potassium and vitamin D with other vitamins and iodine. I dropped 25 pounds and I only get a flutter maybe once or twice a year. Oh and I stopped the sodas and drink water now. My point is for me–my afib has been drastically curbed since I did these things. Its been a rough 4 years but if I can do it, anyone can. No more drugs for me ether. DO what Dr. Berg says.I did.

  3. I've taken every kind of magnesium there is magnesium taurate magnesium glycinate I've even done magnesium injections nothing keeps me out of AFib no meds no magnesium minerals or medication even an ablation didn't work and I got friends that have AFib and are on their third oblations and they don't work

  4. I keep getting palpitations mostly after working out or when I elevate my heart rate usually its only after when I call down I start getting them. Ive gotten ekg test and that monitor for a few days but nothing came up. The ekg always comes back normal ive started suplementing mag and it helps but I still get them sometimes

  5. I have afib, and yes this is true. I use potassium and magnesium to control it. The biggest bang for the buck when it comes to potassium I've found is pomegranite juice, over 600 mil in a cup.

  6. I believe that the calcium might be doing it for me. I’m on prednisone right now to control a flare of my UC and they gave me calcium. I’ve been getting terrible palpitations for a week that stop me from even getting any sleep. I feel like my heart is about to jump out of my chest sometimes.

  7. Can you advise on whats better Magnesium Citrate OR Oxide ? its often not understood the differences but I have read that Citrate is much more easily absorbed and thats important.

  8. I am 60 years old and have had Afib for many years only now getting worse. I was on magnesium years ago but stopped because of a kidney stone . Should I try using it again since everyone recommends it. I would hate to get a stone again. Thanks.

  9. Please can help me anyone ?how mg of magnesium i need in day ?!me happens every 48-72 hours a disorder of rhythm and lasts 2-3 sec .and in the center of chest looks like breathtaking .anyone with this experience ?sorry for my bad english

  10. Dr Berg, I love your videos…you are awesome! I am not trying to be nit-picky but there are two misspelled words on the white board ….Magnesium is misspelled MaNgNesium. And Angstrom is misspelled AnGTrom on the board. Thank you.

  11. I've been living with this for most of my life and I can't believe I never heard of this book before. I don't believe in big pharma I was on there drugs for years and it didn't really help me but it did give me unpleasant side effects I took myself of the meds about 10 years ago or so I was eating good and walking every day for about a year and a half and lost 85lbs in that time and I never really had a episode in that time I guess it's time to get back into my healthy lifestyle and buy this book. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR BERG FOR ALL YOU DO FOR EVERYONE!!!

  12. Dr.Berg, did you see the Good Morning America segment March 7 just couple days ago ? They are saying that data shows there is an 18% higher risk of AFIB for those who consume a low carb diet. Well after watching this video and education you provide (priceless and thank you) I can already say why that statistic is, it’s because they aren’t getting enough vegetables and they are eating Atkins style, not Keto. I am so done with people treating them the same they aren’t the same !!!

  13. I’m a 62 year old women how much Angstrom Magnesium should I take a day to be safe. I have read a lot of articles saying to be very careful with magnesium. Thank you. I love your videos

  14. Water water and more water! Before I have an afib, my pulse rate starts to rise. I chug down 2 bottles of water. My pulse rate goes back to normal and I don't have an Afib. The times that I have had an afib, I chugged down 2 bottles of water, and as soon as I could fit more water in my belly, I drank another bottle. Within about 15 minutes, my heart beat was back in rhythm. Before I go to bed, I chug a bottle of water. When I wake up to use the bathroom later in the night, I chug another and go back to bed. I'm not talking about sipping ice cold water. I'm talking about chugging room temperature water. You have to get that water in your system. I believe dehydration is one of the leading causes of Afib. I also believe that most people think they are well hydrated, when in fact, they are not. I do not take any medications for anything. I think the health care system in the U.S. is all about the money. Why tell the patient that something as simple as drinking water can bring them out of an Afib attack, when instead we can collect several thousand dollars from them for a trip to the hospital! The money is not in the cure, the money is in the treatment. Maybe water won't work for everyone, but it works for me, and it doesn't cost anything to try it out.

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  16. I just watched this video and want to say that I experienced exactly what Dr. Berg is talking about. About 4 years ago I developed afib about a week after passing a stubborn kidney stone at which time I was somewhat dehydrated. Following a bit of internet research I found that the loss of electrolytes from dehydration may be a factor contributing to afib. It was also my understanding that calcium and magnesium compete in the body, so I stopped taking my calcium supplement and started taking a magnesium supplement instead (in addition to flecainide, digoxyn, and a blood thinner called apixaban that my cardiologist prescribed).

    My afib continued constantly for about 3 months, but a week before my highly dreaded electrical cardioversion was scheduled, I returned to normal hearth rhythm and have remained in normal rhythm since (nearly 4 years now). I ditched the prescription meds but continue taking a magnesium supplement because it is my understanding that although serum magnesium may test normal (which mine did at the time), the amount of magnesium in the cells may be deficient, which possibly could cause me to go back into afib. While doing my internet research, I remember reading a comment by an elder gentleman who didn't have afib until after his colonoscopy (which prep procedure does cause some dehydration that can throw one's electrolytes out of balance) and he was still on afib meds years following his colonoscopy. Hope this info helps and that supplementing with magnesium works for someone else out there.

  17. I need the right Doctor. I don’t know what to do. When through my second ablation and today came down with an Episode. My digestion has been terrible. I believe that’s my problem. Who to go to now

  18. I had a resting heart rate of over 200bpm, I had emergency surgery and after a year, I'm still at 170 resting… I intend to do natural remedies now. I also have Clonic-Tonic seizures and Deep Vein Thrombosis. 14 medications aren't working. I'm 51 going on 90 I think. I still work but I really feel drained. I've always been a vegetable eater, steamed not canned. Thanks for the information.

  19. I have low vit D levels 30. And had heart flutters now I'm getting pauses. So frustrated cause I don't have a thryroid and they lowered my level to 137 mcg

  20. People need to know about the risks associated with Apixaban (Eliquis). There is no antidote for Apixaban. If you happen to require emergency life saving surgery while taking Apixaban, you will likely die while waiting for the drug to dissipate from your system. This is what happened to my father. His GP never informed him of this risk when prescribing Apixaban.

  21. It's so disheartening "pun", I'm 36 and I recently had a major afib attack… I was hospitalized and my heart beat was 195bpm! My dr never discussed nutrition or mineral deficiency despite taking blood and running tests. Also ekg. All "normal" I'm told. They just scratch their heads and prescribe calcium channel blockers.

    Thank you Dr Berg for educating so many people on what's real and more importantly what works!

  22. Low mg++ and low K+ are more commonly related to V Tach and LQTs as compared to AFib. .
    Atrial fibrillation is mainly due to ischemic heart disease, valvular heart diseases or secondary to other illness like COPD. .
    You cannot correct valvular or ischemic diseases by eating more magnesium and potassium. .
    Secondly warfarin/ xeralto is not the treatment of A fib , its given to prevent the stroke. .
    The main treatment is to correct the underlying heart disease and to control rate and rhythm. .
    I am surprised that in every part of the world 'such' people are present which misguide public. .
    And the stomach problem is the cause of AFib . . Hahaha. . Its just hilarious. .

  23. Dr Berg – I don't understand about Calcium shutting down the absorption of Magnesium. I'd heard you were supposed to take them together. My mom takes Bluebonnet brand CalMag supplements every single night. She started doing it for her bowels years ago because she would suffer from constipation if she didn't. Last December she was diagnosed with Afib and she hates taking Xarelto. Last December was a really hard time emotionally. My dad was in the hospital and in rehab and I'm wondering if that could have contributed to her afib diagnosis too. (My mom suffers from generalized anxiety.) Do I need to ask her to switch to a magnesium only supplement? She takes the cal mag because she also has osteopenia and her sister in law says she reversed her own osteoporosis with cal mag supplements. Please advise.

  24. BUT, here’s what recently happened to me. I was having heart palpitations and irregular heart rate. Along with that a tightness in the neck and sleep problems. To make a long story short, goitrogens from cruciferous veggies were interfering with thyroid function. I cut back on cruciferous veggies and all issues disappeared. Maybe some people can consume the amount of vegetables suggested here, but it ain’t me. I/we can get the necessary minerals and nutrients from other food sources. Also, potassium comes in powder form which allows for more than the 99mg capsules.

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