The Best 2018 New Year Resolution? | “Mastering Being” Heartfulness Meditation Classes | New Year

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“A teaching may be true. But it matters little unless you have realized that truth for yourself. It is not enough for a teaching to be true. It must be true for you.”
– Daaji

2018 Meditation Masterclasses by Daaji | Profound New Year Resolution 2018
New Year New Opportunity | Experience the MEDITATION !

In the New Year, Learn to Manage Your Life and Your Emotions the Heartfulness Way


Mastering Being will be available starting early in the day on 1, 2 & 3 January 2018

The Mastering Being series is an invitation to begin our first day of the New Year with oneness through meditation. “The series of three classes encompasses effective relaxation and meditation techniques that anyone over the age of fifteen can practice,” announced the Heartfulness Institute, a non-profit organization and the masterclasses organizer. No prior experience in meditation is needed to join in and feel the benefits.

In the past year alone, more than 1.2 million people in around 160 countries have accessed Daaji’s online meditation masterclasses, during which he guides listeners through a set of simple practices for inner calm and balance.


Heartfulness Free Online Master Classes are available in following languages :
English | Assamese |Bengali |Chinese Simplified |Danish |Finish |French |German |Kannada |Malayalam |Marathi |Oriya |Portugese |​Persian​ |Russian |
Spanish |Tamil |Telugu |Romanian |Sign language |Gujarati |Hindi | Arabic​


Heartfulness has reached over 200 countries :
India | United States| United Kingdom| Canada| France| Australia| Brazil| Germany| Netherlands| Indonesia| United Arab Emirates| Denmark| Russia|
Spain| Italy| Ireland| Turkey| Malaysia| Singapore| Japan| Mexico| South Korea|
Argentina| Venezuela| Switzerland| Taiwan| Ukraine| Colombia| South Africa| Portugal| Romania| New Zealand| Philippines| Poland| Saudi Arabia| Sweden|
Belgium| Austria| Kuwait| Slovakia| Qatar| Vietnam| Thailand| Mauritius| Nepal|
Chile| Norway| Serbia| Greece| Hong Kong| Peru| Ecuador| Egypt| Oman| Finland| Belarus| Czechia| Israel| Pakistan| Croatia| Unknown Region| Morocco|
Hungary| Jamaica| Kazakhstan| Sri Lanka| Algeria| Bulgaria| Bangladesh| Kenya| Bahrain| Azerbaijan| Nigeria| Lithuania| Bosnia & Herzegovina| Dominican Republic| Estonia| Tunisia| Madagascar| Georgia| Slovenia|
Martinique| Uruguay| Latvia| Panama| Costa Rica| Trinidad & Tobago| Réunion
Moldova| Tanzania| Guatemala| Fiji| Iraq| Macedonia (FYROM)| Uzbekistan| Guadeloupe| Armenia| Jordan| Macau| Malta| Cyprus| El Salvador| Puerto Rico|
Albania| Lebanon| Zimbabwe| Cambodia| Palestine| Paraguay| Honduras| Luxembourg| Kyrgyzstan| Haiti| U.S. Virgin Islands| Brunei| Uganda| Barbados|
Ethiopia| Mongolia| Ghana| Cameroon| Nicaragua| Montenegro| Bolivia| Côte d’Ivoire| Faroe Islands| Iceland| Libya| Senegal| New Caledonia| Maldives| Zambia| South Sudan| Namibia| Afghanistan| Sint Maarten| Gibraltar| Aruba
Curaçao| Botswana| Guyana| Angola| Rwanda| Mozambique| Cayman Islands|
Bahamas| Syria| French Guiana| French Polynesia| Iran| Sudan| Suriname|
St. Martin| Myanmar (Burma)| China| Bhutan| Dominica| Jersey| Isle of Man| Malawi| Bermuda| Anguilla| St. Vincent & Grenadines| Grenada| Guam|St. Kitts & Nevis| Liberia| Seychelles| Congo – Kinshasa| St. Lucia| Congo – Brazzaville| Djibouti| Papua New Guinea| Mayotte| Yemen| Andorra| Gambia| Laos| Sierra Leone| Belize| Gabon| Monaco| Somalia| Benin| Antigua & Barbuda| Guernsey|
San Marino| British Virgin Islands| Northern Mariana Islands | Liechtenstein
Caribbean | Netherlands| Tajikistan| Niger| Cape Verde| American Samoa | Guinea| Timor-Leste| North Korea| Turks & Caicos Islands| Mauritania| Mali|
Togo| Swaziland| Svalbard & Jan Mayen| Greenland| Lesotho| Cuba| Vanuatu
Samoa| Åland Islands| Equatorial | Guinea Palau| Burundi| Burkina Faso|
St. Pierre & Miquelon| St. Barthélemy| Micronesia| Chad| Central African Republic | Christmas Island| São Tomé & Príncipe| Turkmenistan| Montserrat
Tonga| Cook Islands| Comoros| Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)| Marshall Islands| Western Sahara| Solomon Islands|

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New Year 2018 | New Year Meditation Intention

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