The 7 Deadly Wrist Locks

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45 thoughts on “The 7 Deadly Wrist Locks

  1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-ka: Here are wrist locks for self defence!
    Japanese Ju Jutsu-ka: O_o… Hold my sake…..

    Lol, but seriously though, respects and shrugs. Everything comes full circle, many JJJ guys sto-…. I mean borrowed your ground game…. :D.

  2. In India 1 person don't attack or beat any 1. There is always a gang or a mob of atleast 30-50 ppl alltogether. So you are a master may be u can save yourself from such a big gang but how about a common person who is just a beginner. He will just die instantly even if 10 ppl groped him together and beat him to death and if they are armed with iron rods and all. The only thing that can save a common person is a gun not your marshal arts tricks. I don't mean to offend you and I am really sorry if you feel bad but thats how this works in real life. You are a true master teaching all the tricks on how to defend but in real world ppl dont attack on 1-1 basis now a days. They all attack like cowards in groups and all so a person will die.

  3. I have only watched the first one but, while you are using both hands to do your deadly wrist lock what is your opponent going to be doing with his other hand? I guess he is going to be punching you in the face or stabbing you in the gut. This wrist lock would be deadly on one armed opponents, or people with a passive, victim mentality.

    People mention security forces and I could see this working as a way of subdueing a non violent criminal.

  4. Here is a great tip:
    Take your smoke alarm in your left hand. You then want to take your right hand and remove the cover. You will find a battery inside. With your free hand, take the old battery and replace with new one. This move works without putting the cover back on, but if you want to look fancy…well you know.

  5. This will not work on an uncooperative opponent. A simpler solution and safer for the defender is to train automatic reflexive open palm with fingers slightly curled. Upon any sensation of wrist grabbing the defender automatically open palms the face or chin and then the curled fingers straigten outwards to penetrate the eyes, then simply walk forward into the sockets. end of discussion.

    Training closed fist striking is only for experienced fighters, not for everyday persons. Open palms is more natural and the person does not have to think about first making a fist and then worrying about proper bone alignment to avoid hand injuries from wrong fist formation.

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