The 5 Steps of Love // Angel Academy Ep.23 Remastered

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The 5 steps to Living from the Heart.

1. Meditation – We need to understand that you can not perform operation on anything when its moving. We cant just wake up one day and say, I need a heart transplant, and have a drive-by surgeon hook us up for 6.99 + tax. We must go into stillness for that operation. likewise the spirit needs the motions of the mind to still themselves and for some this means coming into physical stillness, more advanced meditators can meditate while physically occupied. Meditation allows you to focus all of your awareness on one particular subject. In our case that subject would be our heart. There are many things needed to be discussed about how to meditate upon your heart for enlightenment purposes but for now you must recognize that this is a major platform for allowing your thoughts to cool off so your true self can shine.

2. Compassion – The state of compassion is literally required for the human being to witness first hand the power of being a spirit. Your heart is thousands of times more powerful than your brain and your spirit is infinitely powerful as needed, however in our world the source outlet of spirit in our heart. The state of compassion is a heart recognized phenomenon. The sensation spiritually fills our being with purpose and fulfillment, transcendent of thought. If we are lost in our lives, the moment compassion touches us, our lives begin to shift. When you generate compassion for the purpose of wisdom, your mastery has truly begun.

3. Practice unconditional state of being – This creates strength in the wisdom provided by meditation and compassion. Man is not judged by what he does when everything is easy, its when life creates challenge that defines a persons character & likewise your state of being through struggles reflects your level of spiritual refinement.

4. Love those who hurt you – Anytime people hurt you its just showing you something that you really needed to see for you own personal journey. The way you take your pain will dictate weither you achieve positive or negative impressions.

5. See god in all things – Some people refuse to believe that there is an intelligent, omnipotent energy like our spirit but much greater, coursing through our entire universe. Good thing i’m not one of those people because once i knew that i was not limited to life and death because my spirit sources and life sources from the omnipresent spirit, I was free. All of your suffering is offered salvation once you give recognition to the great spirit. All of our lives are governed by forces beyond the human minds control. I recommend aligning yourself to identifying yourself as that spirit so that your life achieves greater meaning. See your life through synchronicity, deeper meanings, and mystery. The universe is not a dumb organism but when you cant beat yourself, join yourself. Your heart knows the truth and will reward you daily for giving the source of your existence the love you deserve.


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