The 2 Most Important Skills For the Rest Of Your Life | Yuval Noah Harari on Impact Theory

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Yuval Noah Harari is a New York Times bestselling author whose books have sold over 12 million copies and translated into more than 45 languages. He’s often referred to as one of the most profound thinkers of our time. And in this episode you will see why…

How we can hack humans and manipulate their desires [3:26]

How algorithms will learn to understand you better than you understand yourself (and why you could be replaced by one) [5:03]

Why corporations will even be able to predict your sexual orientation… [8:50]

The reality of outsourcing the self-discovery process… [12:27]

How algorithms will change the way we make art… [15:49]

Can AI save us from cancer? (See how it’s possible, but decide for yourself if it’s dangerous)… [18:10]

The battle between privacy and health… [19:29]

How to take control of the story you tell yourself and why you need to stop thinking of your life as a movie… [21:09]

Why we’re heading into the direction of immortality and the future is just a series of massive disruptions [28:44]

Why you need to continuously reinvent yourself if you want to survive to 2035. [30:01]

The two most important tools you will need to succeed in the world of AI (and they’re not what you think). [32:05]

Why Yuval believes that science fiction is the most important artistic genre… [34:25]

See what Yuval has to say about the world’s 3 biggest challenges… [37:29]

“We Are Now Hackable Animals”

“When infotech merges with biotech what you get is the ability to create algorithms that understand me better than I understand myself.” [5:20]

“Maybe the most important thing in life is to get to know yourself better. But for all of history this was a process of self-exploration which you did from things like meditation, sports, or art, and complementation. But what does it mean when the process of self-exploration is being outsourced to a big data algorithm? The philosophical implications are mind-boggling.” [12:34]

“The story of your life is made of bits and pieces and it only makes sense” [23:50]

Sapiens – [00:46]
21 Lessons for the 21st Century – [2:00]
Neon Future – [6:52]
Brave New World – [35:50]

Bill Gates – [1:00]
Richard Branson – [1:00]
Barack Obama – [1:00]
Mark Zuckerberg – [1:00]
Aldous Huxley – [35:55]


41 thoughts on “The 2 Most Important Skills For the Rest Of Your Life | Yuval Noah Harari on Impact Theory

  1. If you haven't learnt how to learn then you'll be in trouble. Always following your passion will help immensely. Real 'education' is not to arrive at a destination, but to travel with a different point of view'

  2. This guy is a liar because he knows very well what's going to happen. Innovation is not a problem for human kind. The real problem is the 1% who will soon be able to get rid off the 99% of the population. Once robots will provide every thing the 1% dreams about they will not accept to keep sharing planet's resources with the remaining 99%, they will just eliminate them.
    The 99% should understand that technology and innovation is not a problem the real problem since the cave time up to now is the 1%.
    For the first time in history the 1% can wipe out the 99% of the surface of earth.
    So, stupid 99%, keep voting for the muppets the 1% asks you to vote for and soon you will exist only in pictures the 1% will show to their children with a big laugh about ancient times when they had to share the planet with billions of trash people.

  3. so, seeing as we are stuck with this apparent flux of re-education on a population level, would not society be better off without work? think about the potential creative forces we would unleash, if people were educated on a basic level to prevent falling into the abyss of video games and drugs.

  4. This is just some crazy speculations.. There are plenty of guys like Coke or doesn't mind looking at naked guys without having a sexual feelings because we are all human and have different reasons for just looking at things .. if a guy is monitored and is found out is looking at a guy on the beech that does not at all mean he is gay.. it can have so many reasons.. for example the guy on the beach looks familiar, or has a admirable body or beach wear or nice cloths.. Unless the guy is gay anyway.. that is different scenario.. but obviously not everybody look at men more is not gay.. It is the same with women looking at other women more ..Anyway according to ancient Hindu human science the male creature from 1 to 7 years old are preoccupied by themselves.. from 7 to 15 relating to their father as role model therefore more focused on their male friends and colleagues without any sexual feeling it is merely because they just are learning about themselves and try to discover themselves from same gender point of view to prepare themselves for their next step which is from age 14 to 21.. when they get really interested in opposite sex.. Therefore if teenager do not realise these stages then at those earlier stages from 7-14 they will confuse their own attention to same sex as being gay.. which is not even true.. but hey are knowledgeable to know that stage is natural till 21 and has nothing to do with sexual desire..this is crazy because according to every single guy is gay..

  5. maybe to give an image or a metaphor……maybe the people who are at the core of AI/Biotech development should make sure that the robots have a 'deep appreciation' of the beauty of the human form and so the here-to-fore described 'useless' class can all actually become a beautiful work of art rather than a pile of uselessness.

  6. the 'fundamental' idea of re-inventing yourself appears to be based on the idea that the majority of 'selves' (sapiens) alive in the world today were 'invented' as opposed to "real". perhaps this is the fundamental question. are we all actors on some big stage looking to become the 'richest' and live the life of riley on yachts?? obviously not possible for "everyone". maybe the future is only as bleak as the ability of people in the present to make this distinction between reality and 'the story' that many attempt to portray on a daily basis today.

  7. Thankyou Tom, Intersting video.  The reality is, that each and every aspect of this life and universe is a dynamic process, As long as human can understand the system dynamic and all types of variables running the interactive management to run the process, you now know the reality, you know the output results and you can predict. So, its nothing new as described by Yuval as I explained during the research in counter radicalisation. Therein I addressed the Dynamic process at human cognition. The most important is derive the operational value and surely its the set of multiple algorithms  to develop the Major Algorithm as system dynamic. One intersting point in my research was that , how Algorithms emerge at human cognition by a understanding and integrating it with human mind functions, which can help directly to intervene into any node of the algorithm and I am sure your guest has not arrived at that level of research.. you can read few articles to understand how process science reach to unknown its not just a lot of data but set of indicators are enough to detect the set of algorithms , if you know the system dynamic. few articles for you to readAbout indicators of radicalisation.
    About models of radicalisation
    About mapping of radicalisation
    About definition of radicalisation TahirAdvisory scientist at Norwegian resource center

  8. This guy no doubt is very well spoken and no doubt very intelligent in the academic sense, but his obsession with modernity and corporate interest is really startling I sense a deep lack of self awareness and just awareness of reality in general, I always find it shocking when these smart modern males seem so content with the absolute lack of freedom from invasion of privacy and medias war against the human mind. He thinks technology is he end all, what he does not realize the more dependent we become on it the weaker we actually become, knowledge of self.

  9. more algorithm less you. until there is only algorithm. What is about connecting to your awareness and empower human counciousness than give power to an source outside like a mothers breast. I think pychedelic could play a big roule in a modern society ad sharpen once awareness. Enhance human powers.

  10. What he said about the eye tracking system for where we look for knowing wich sexual orientation someone had is a bad example. Such things exist and women for example look – as hetero men – for other women because of potntial competitors. Data i just a fragment. I think the connection of data is far more important as the data itself. Data effects each other and cant stand on its own. Sense comes from the connection of one set of data to an otherone.

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