Thankfulness Meditation: Day 3 of 21 days of Crystalline Frequencies to become Extraordinary

Infinite blessings my beloved ones! Today I come to give you Day 3 of the 21 days of Crystalline Frequencies to become Extraordinary.

Today we receive the Value of Thankfulness and Gratefulness. Being grateful is one of the biggest values we have as human Beings, when we are grateful, we receive inner strength that make us love, love ourselves and flow, building up on success in our life. When we are thankful for being alive, for who we are and what we have, that gratitude makes our life better in many aspects. If we are grateful for the situations and circumstances that seem negative, understanding that we needed to go through rough patches to become better human beings, to grow and evolve, we let go and we step into a higher level of comprehension of our live and of life itself.


Day 3 of 21 days of interior work where you will receive 21 Crystalline Frequencies, in the form of Values, that will route your life to be extraordinary.

Playlist Meditation for 21 days of Crystal Frequencies to become Extraordinary:

Day 1: Discipline

Day 2: Forgiveness & Self-Forgiveness

Day 3: Thankfulness & Gratefulness

Day 4: Self-Love

Day 5: Value & Courage

Day 6: Deserving

Day 7: Prosperity

Day 8: Faith

Day 9: Courage & Craftiness

Day 10: Joy

Day 11: Ability

Day 12: Vision
Coming Soon

Day 13: Inner Beauty
Coming Soon

Day 14: Blessings
Coming Soon

Day 15: Loving Others
Coming Soon

Day 16: Balance
Coming Soon

Day 17: Healing
Coming Soon

Day 18: Comprehension
Coming Soon

Day 19: Strength
Coming Soon

Day 20: Unconditional Love
Coming Soon

Day 21: Loving God
Coming Soon

It is important to clarify what we call Crystalline Frequencies. They are Powerful Energies of Light that come from the Mind of God, also called Creation. For the purposes of this meditation, these Energies of Light will descend from The Powerful and Loving Hands of God in the form of Values, which, by working and placing them at a High Level, will give you the opportunity to succeed in everything you do; as well as, in your areas, processes and in the projects that you are working or that you are planning, until you are extraordinary in everything you do.

I recommend doing this Meditation as follows: on the first day perform day one, the second day do day one and two; On the third day, perform days one, two and three, and it goes up successively, until the 21st day does all the meditation, in a single moment.

This Meditation was channeled by Zolemgeh Estrella from the Wonderful Archangel Metatron on November 1, 2019.

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Created by Zolemgeh Estrella
English version translated and voiced by Alexandra Morales
Video edited by Valeria Torres and Jorge Alejandro Contreras Estrella.
Music: Amazing Grace by Jason Shaw ( Released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


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