Thai UFO Kaokala, Meditating for aliens

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Thai UFO Kaokala, Meditating for aliens

Thailand may be known for its wonderful beaches, its great street food, and ever exciting nightlife, but there is more floating in the evening air than the smell of joss sticks, alcohol, and fried food.
Some say that UFOs are also visiting the holiday hot spot and that they are there to do more than party, they have an important message to deliver and a group of Thais have answered the call.
So let’s travel to Nakhon Sawan the Centre of all things UFO in Thailand.

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24 thoughts on “Thai UFO Kaokala, Meditating for aliens

  1. Great premiere, thanks guys that was so much fun. I am serious when I say I have the best group of subscribers on the internet. Have a great week see you all in Tuesdays Video.
    Thanks for your support again you are the best.


  2. I certainly hope that they aren't another "Heaven's Gate"-type cult group. From what's said in this video, it really doesn't sound like it, although the whole crisis/calamity event/date aspect makes me worry about them and for them.

  3. Yes I believe. I also believe there are more than one race of them just like us. Here is some food for thought- why be afraid of them, after all, with all their technology if they were going to harm us, with all their technology they would have wiped us out by now. They are here to help as we are All One.

  4. une fois accepté et assimilé la présence extraterrestre sur notre planète, nous ne pouvons que rester totalement ouvert à tous les nouveaux témoignages qui proviennent du monde entier. en france, nous avons aussi quelques (rares) contactés célèbres (pierre monnet, serge reiver nazare, marius dewilde…etc)

  5. That bird flying at the drone tho! Love the imagery on this video, particularly the flying saucer with the crew configuration and captain at the center. It made me wonder about the spinning disc generating a gravity field inside the cabin… Great video!

  6. I like the thought of meditating while imagining others meditating, if we are going to meditate we should take minerals called ORMUS, Etherium Gold, Mono-atomic, you become a better antenna lets say, I was a DJ once on the astral plane, that was cool

  7. Great video with very interesting content as they are not the first to be contacted from Aliens through meditation YouTube is full of such videos , Blues ,Greys,Nordics and pleiadian but none mention Pluto so I hope you get some answers when you visit Nakhon Sawan a place that translates as Heavenly city . I've always wanted visit that part of the world as it's people and countries are so beautiful!! Good luck my friend and stay safe all…

  8. I don't believe they know when and how the world will end. That's usually a pretty big red flag. And what's the deal with them being raided? Was it just for cult suspicion? Great video once again though, thank you for the info and your hard work. ✌️❤️

  9. Asia isnt that known for ufo sightings… but that isnt true, there are ancient accounts of Japanese ufo sightings and visiting Aliens. Its just that the media makes it look like all ufo activity is limited to the US only.

  10. This was fascinating stuff, bro. Not usually one for the UFO topics but your videos have certainly changed my outlook. I may have to venture deeper down the rabbit hole of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Excellent stuff. See you.. next time !


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