Telomeres Rejuvenation Anti Aging with {GHZ} Frequency

The body is compose of cells and DNA, whenever the body needed to repair itself it will initiate cellular repair mechanism by replicating new cells to replenished lost or damaged ones. Each time when a cell start to replicate the telomere which is the end part of the chromosome will become shorter and more fray due to accumulate DNA damage. This is a natural ongoing aging process the body inevitably will go through, and the more time a cell replicate the shorter the telomere becomes. When a cell completely lost all the telomere materials that cell will stop dividing and subject to apoptosis, in another definition which is programmed cell death. At youth around teenager, the cell telomere with be around 8000 nucleotide in length, by the time when the body reached around age 65 the nucleotide level with only be left with 1500 which is extreme short telomeres. And when too many of these cell turn to apoptosis due to losing too much telomeres from end of chromosome because of old age, the body will start to manifested all kind of symptoms associated with aging such as grey hair, baldness, wrinkle on skin, liver spot, lost of muscle mass and bone density, organ start to malfunction etc…

Fortunate enough some researcher found out a way to reverse the biological clock by direct simulate regrowth of the telomeres with a set of GHZ frequency, check this link for more

The GHZ frequency on this video has been transform by matching the body’s biomolecular magnetic fields and convert to electromagnetic field using modified Sine Wave for easy absorption. Human hearing is limited to 20kHz range and GHZ is way above ultrasonic range but modify sine noise conversion should overcome this limitation.

It’s recommended to use this sound video in conjunction with the NAD+ Anti Aging plus for better result. Link can be found here

Mitochondria Damage is also one of the prime cause of aging and there’s a frequency will remedy against it on this link

Melatonin a hormone secrete by the pineal gland can support re-lengthening of the fray telomeres, which has profound effect on anti aging. Also it can actually repair epigenetic mutation, one of seven prime cause of aging. It’s very important to listen to this frequency as well to maximize anti-aging benefit

Cell senescence is also one of the seven aging cause and listen to the fibrosis frequency will be able to reverse some of the damaged done by this aging factor.


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