Teeth Regrowth – Development, Regeneration, Deepest Healing, Strengthening

Visualization is essential to success. That is because the changes desired must first be created in the aetheric body. Consciously & powerfully create a clear picture of the new energy, new appearance, or other visualization in your mind as you fall asleep. I cannot over-emphasize this point!

We are faced with a strong societal belief that we are incapable of regenerating any body part. Of course, most of us have already grown two sets of teeth (our juvenile set, and then our adult set). Why can’t we grow another set? Our bodies know how to do it already. However, we are faced with the huge body of evidence that it cannot be done – that it is ridiculous to even imagine it. We have all the observations of dentists to back this up. How do you break this belief pattern for yourself? Usually there will be emotions involved, often at a deep subconscious level, busting apart limiting belief patterns is essential! It can be easy and effortless to regenerate the body.

To regenerate the body is difficult. Four components appear to be essential. We must have:
A. Enough energy,
B. Belief it is possible,
C. The raw materials, and
D. Sufficient health to begin the process.

specific inert-gas combinations for regrowing teeth:
18% He, 36% Ne, 46% Xe.

from Symbols, by Hilarion:
“The diet must be made as pure and clean as possible. We refer here to adopting eating habits which will leave little or no residue in the digestive system. Residues always interfere with the efficiency of the body functions generaly, and it is fair to assume that so long as the body is struggling in other areas of natural function, it will be unwilling to direct the necessary energy to the task of growing new teeth.” (Page 32).
“The harmful rich foods popular in this century must be eliminated: all foods containing refined sugar, all soft drinks, and all fried oil and fat. Likewise, habits which drain the body’s energy must also be stopped, namely, smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Lastly, anyone consuming drugs for any reason will not be able to succeed with the regrowth technique because of the great burden put on the digestive and renal systems by the taking of any chemically produced substance. This includes sleeping pills, aspirins, and vitamin supplements.” (Page 33).

I would highly recommend listening to my maximum strength Stem Cell production video. It acts as a great precursor and will absolutely help with the development of new teeth and cells.

Headphones are NOT required. However, they are highly recommended for this video.

Frequencies used: 1HZ, 2HZ, 3HZ, 4HZ, 7.83HZ, 10HZ, 20HZ, 136.1HZ, 264HZ, 432HZ, 528HZ, 741HZ, 10000HZ, 15000HZ, 20000HZ,


Headphones are recommended.

There are claims that 528HZ is detrimental to an individual, this is due to a lack of knowledge and direct experience. I’m getting really tired of this, for more information/clarification please refer to my website’s FAQ: http://www.anthonysommer.ca/faq.html

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31 thoughts on “Teeth Regrowth – Development, Regeneration, Deepest Healing, Strengthening

  1. Tahnk you Anthony. For a year I was using the words my body already regenerated all of my teeths, I was telling everybody yes of course thats true it has happened and guess what 🙂 it has happened 🙂 our bodies are in constant listening what we give them to hear is one of the most important things that we are still unconscious of. Well some of us.
    Tahnk you about the video and let me share my first experience with stem cells therapy on the 15th minute I just felt that it is repairing my enamel 🙂 so yes, yes, yes are my cells massage to me 🙂 🙂 🙂 blwssings

  2. all of my teeth are totally corroded / eroded away due to drinking tons of fizzy drinks all my life and not brushing my teeth everyday.
    Now there is hardly any enamel left on my teeth because i have washed away all of the enamel from my teeth by drinking fizzy drinks like Coke and Pepsi etc
    Can this video really regrow / regenerate all of the enamel back onto my teeth again and make my teeth look just like they were 20 years ago ?

  3. there is a russian video has subtitles. cant seem to find it at moment but it was something about visualizing and they had other videos where they had regrown other organs with similar technique. Perhaps you might know where I can find it or that it could be helpful to improve the success rate if someone links it.

  4. Anthony Sommer, i have saved several cancer, immune, fungus, etc rife videos to listen to. If it were you how long and how many times a day would you listen to them? And i have a question, what is the difference between listening to the rife frequencies and running the actual rife machine in the room I am in on broadcast? I have the silver wands and can't find the crystal ones. Do you have a source and would the crystal wands broadcast better than the silver? i have the miracle 6 machine but they quit selling the wands and equipment.

  5. while you listen, take some sort of living green plant that is edible from your garden and make a thick mixture and hold it in your mouth while listenning. i am currently doing nettles, since its easy to get here.

  6. Hi I have been Listening to Several of these Videos 1,2, 3 on Stem Cells Production Plus Feet ,Eyes, Collagen, Neuropathy and I Thank You for Your Energy Your Time and Your Great Wisdom and Knowledge of Helping Everyone. What I want  To Know is I have Broken a Couple of Bones in My Life, Toe ,2Fingers on my Left Hand, and 1 on my Right Can All These Have Bearings or Heal Broken Bones.I Realize You are not a Doctor But With All the Knowledge You Send Over These Electronic Devices You Are More Because Doctors Don't Take the Time to  Listen They Just Prescribe Pills and that is not for me.Wednesday, May 31st 2017  Time 12:29PM Thank You Once Again Joan

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