TEDxSF – Nicole Daedone – Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman

Nicole Daedone is a sought-after speaker, author, and educator focusing on the intersection between orgasm, intimacy, and life. She is the founder of OneTaste, a cutting-edge company bringing a new definition of orgasm to women. The practice at the heart of her work is called OM or Orgasmic Meditation. OM uniquely combines the tradition of extended orgasm with Nicole’s own interest in Zen Buddhism, mystical Judaism and semantics. Helping to foster a new conversation about orgasm —one that’s real, relevant, and intelligent—she has inspired thousands of students to make OM a part of their everyday lives.

Nicole graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in semantics and gender communication. She went on to found the popular avant garde art gallery 111 Minna Gallery in SoMa before moving on to OneTaste. Nicole is the author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm (Grand Central/Hachette, May 2011) and has appeared on ABC’s Nightline. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and 7×7 Magazine, among others, and her writing has appeared in Tricycle magazine. In his #1 New York Times Bestseller The 4-Hour Body Timothy Ferriss calls the OM practice “required education for every man on the planet.” For more about OneTaste and OM, visit http://onetaste.us. Nicole’s blog appears at http://nicoledaedone.com.
Raised in Los Gatos, CA, Nicole now lives in San Francisco.

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21 thoughts on “TEDxSF – Nicole Daedone – Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman

  1. Such doctrines distort an essence of the sexual relations about love. The loving man will always find an opportunity for fine feelings of his woman. All the rest here – from a devil, like corruption of unconscious souls. Orgies.

  2. Yawn. At least her job is better than working at walmart. Any man that doesn't put his woman's orgasm before his should hang up his balls and retire from the sexual olympics. Its a shame that TED is scraping the bottom of the barrel for speakers, after so many who had something to say actually worth hearing.

  3. Nicole Daedone is a cult leader of OneTaste. What she speaks about is only a manipulation tactic to get people involved with the organization. I spent 10 months with OneTaste and left upon becoming suicidal. She has created an army of manipulative sexual abusers. So, as for this TED Talk, don't take it at face value. Do your research, people. She isn't who she appears to be.

  4. Wow. I support ANY person in their journey to self. The thing that doesn't work for me personally here, is that I think it is really (fill in the blank) that women don't know who they are without this practice. How are we so (fill in the blank) as humans that the last form of self discovery and cutting through all the pretense is dropping our legs open to a stranger so he can stroke our clitoris and enable us to come back to our centers? We need someone to stroke our clitoris to hook us back up to the God force? Are you kidding me? In my belief, the secret to this practice is that if you can do this with a stranger, you drop all protective layers and you are exposed and then you start your uncensored journey to self and dealing with all your baggage. AND, from people who swear by the practice, they have orgasms too! Great! But, it's not for me. I have always been able to be honest about my self and I don't hold back in connections. So I don't need to drop my legs open with a stranger to get what these women are looking for. I can understand this practice with a man I have a spiritual covenant and that level of vulnerability with and that I could break through barriers with someone I love and feel safe with for both of us if this practice serves us, but that is it. I had two friends male and female state the reason they LIKE to do this is because they don't know the person. WTF? I think they revealed themselves right there as to how dysfunctional so many people are at their core that they only feel comfortable being vulnerable with a stranger. Really the crux of human dysfunction and that is VERY Sad to me. And these two are high up in the Self-Help community in LA. Anyway… The other positive thing about this, is too many men cannot pleasure women and this is a start, so for that I am happy for men and women around the world. But as a person who has already cut through the BS and holding back in life, I don't know many of us who would be attracted to this practice as a norm and with strangers. Doing this type of activity with a stranger would be equivalent to prostitution to someone like me,and for that I expect to get paid. 15 minutes of wam bam thank you Maam? So-empty and risky. How could 15 minutes even be enough? What about 30 minutes-1 hour? Too, who will help these women deal with their feelings? Do you have a therapist standing by when these women start cracking as life long repression starts surfacing? When you open things up through sex, you are touching the hottest force on earth and it is not to be messed with. To go this route, things need to be handled in a tight container, and not with strangers. But people swear by it, so if it is helping women as it appears to be with some, good for them. But for me, only with my Husband and I do see the value for such a practice in this way, together facing whatever comes up for both of us in ourselves and in the relationship.

  5. I love when a woman has an orgasm. When you both orgasm your connection becomes deeper. its a natural thing that needs to happen for both sexes. I just wish I was better at giving them

  6. orgasms are great. OMing is good stuff (and independently appeared in many places).

    OneTaste is an authoritarian cult, not a "cutting-edge company"..

  7. So "Liberation" for the Women while the Men get sexually objectified and are left to "resonate" with a stranger. This is what Feminism has done to the world. Women are initialized and are told "you can't connect with yourself!" and Men are reduced to mere objects.

  8. The crowd were listening with attetion. It was so poor. Nowadays it is quite natural having lecture devoted to the orgasm but it has one a huge disadvantage- it reduce humans strictly to animal behaviours. It is unacceptable, and having sexual pleasure without marriage is a sin.

  9. my interpretation of what the dalai lama meant is that it is western women, when they wake up to some truths that women from other cultures already know but are not in positions of power to be listened to, who will be able to convey them to the world because of their access to world media.

  10. The secret to endless sex and endless orgasms seems to be endless variety, particularly as one gets older.

    Think surprises!. What most men fail to understand, (and a surprising number of women too) is that it is the woman who is the driving force in the sexual context of a relationship. They just don’t make it obvious all the time, mainly because the bloke they’re with just wouldn’t ‘get it’, and is too stupid to know how to respond, being conditioned to the notion of man the “all powerful sexual animal”.
    Nothing of the kind. Not when a woman can have 50 orgasms to a man’s one. Scary or what? But that’s the way a woman is—or can be if she’s given the freedom to be so While a man’s libido runs at a pretty constant level, the woman’s fluctuates wildly. One minute she doesn’t want to know—then the next she’s up for it and can’t understand why her man is indifferent.

    It’s all a matter of need. The lady has no control over that and her man has to understand. So—let the lady do the initiation, because when she’s driven to demand sex, then her libido is at its maximum. Sex without that maximum need can be indifferent, boring, mediocre—that’s why it dies away—sheer boredom.

    But if the lady is driven to beg for it, then the magic happens and she takes flight and turns into a raging nympho. One word of warning to any guy wanting to try this—if she’s driven to beg for sex, remember it’s still only a game between you.
    Don’t ever refuse (in the ultimate sense), because if you do, she won’t do it again—ever. When a woman finds that ‘perfect sex’ focus, she’ll keep coming back for more and never be able to get enough of it.
    She will surrender herself totally. Women adore the sensation of being owned, but only give that ownership to the man who can give what they want, unstintingly. This book will explain my meaning in more detail, even though it is written as a novel, it contains real truth. It is about the way women love to be controlled once they find the right man to do it:-
    Need, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1WNXJ4

    Which goes into the female sexual psyche very well. A bit on the kinky side, (well very kinky actually) but that’s pretty mainstream now anyway

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