Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain

Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain

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Ayurveda explains that the root cause of any disease is the accumulation of toxins in the body, whether it’s excess weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, PCOD, stones, cysts, or any other chronic disease. No disease can survive in a body that is clean internally. This video explains three powerful methods to remove these toxins, cleanse your body and consequently, lose weight, cure disease, have clearer skin and greater energy.

The three methods outlined are intermittent fasting (also called 16 hour fasting), enema (to cleanse the colon) and cold wet packs.

Once the waste is out, all diseases will be cured. No disease can survive in a body that is clean internally.


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Special thanks to Markus Rothkranz for this video!

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About Satvic Movement:
Satvic Movement is the beginning of a new civilisation delivering holistic, ageless and timeless knowledge of purifying the body and hence getting rid of all health problems without medicines. Satvic is not the vision of one man. It’s not even a mission of one community. It’s rather a calling, from God himself, to reform this misdirected civilisation.


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46 thoughts on “Take Out the Toxins from Your Body | Subah Jain

  1. Hi Subah, I would like to thank you for all the informative knowledge you are sharing with us . I have a question regarding following this method, what time do you think we should go to gym while following the 16-hr cleanse routine . As mornings are considered a good time but then can we eat before and after the meal ?
    Also what is considered a good pre and post workout meal ?

  2. If i dont eat for 5 hours i have very bad head ache n vomiting..doctors call it migraine…..but ayurvedic vaidya call it pain due to acidity… can u cure this problem plssss

  3. Subhah i am really impressed by ur knowledge but the prob is i have to eat sth within 4 hours of my last meal otherwise i have to face very bad acidity n gas…my ayurveda vaidyaji gave me some choorna and told me to take sth within 2-3 hours…since m following him i rarely have acidity…how to follow ur method in this case

  4. That announcement…. Gettin ready to get in trouble, carrying a concealed gun…. Just STAY OUT of trouble. Expell the wrong ideas, leave us alone while we enjoy how to LIVE better.

  5. This has to be one of the most thorough video I have seen on IF and cleansing the body for a long term effect. I really enjoyed this video. I have one question… I have Ayurvedic herbs that help cleanse the colon, can this be used in replace of the enema? I will also reach out to you via email 📧 as well. I’m wishing everyone who comes across this a healthy and abundant lifestyle. Love 💕 & Light

  6. Hi, its amazing knowledge that you provide us with, but please let me know if somebody is very thin and with high metabolism, will this diet still work, bcoz an already thin person loses weight?

  7. People suffering from anxiety disorders and neuro related diseases please do not do the wet cloth wrap detox until you speak to your doctor about it. I made my case worst.

  8. Today I started watching your videos.. Fantabulous.. Kudos to you Sister… The way of your articulation is flawless..

    I am following the below daily life style routine since last 3 months..
    1. Eating daily around 800 grams of vegetables (including 50grms of green leafy) along with Millets..(I cook myself).. No rice, wheat, non veg including eggs. (Of course I am a vegetarian n really love to be so)
    2. Small portion of nuts and seeds
    3. One glass of curd
    4. Morning detoxing drink of lemon+turmeric+acv+pepper+pink Himalayan salt
    5. One glass of wheat grass powder water along with 2 glasses of plain water early in the morning as soon as I get up
    6. Only 3 meals of the day (with the above food) .. nothing in between except water..
    7. Moderate morning exercises

    Outcome of above is as below..
    1. I reduced weight from 75kg to 65kg..
    2. Now I am very fit (toned) and energetic..
    3. My age is now 32 but my body age is 30. (When I was 27 my body age used to be around 38)

    After all I love to live the life which goes with the flow of nature…

  9. What if someone is taking antidepression pills, can he do intermitent fasting? Cause the pills makes is hungry each and everytime… Does intermitent fasting apply in this case?

  10. This is the longest but perfectly explained with suitable example and simple language video on intermittent fasting and detoxifying the body…
    Thank you for the information..
    But one question I Wan ask Is enema is really necessary.? . I Mean it really feels gross 😬😬

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