Supernatural Meditation taught by an Archangel [ENG/KOR SUB]

Various Psychic Powers, such as Psychokinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, psychometry, etc, and beyond the abilities of the human body, can be completed. Optimize and Maximize your Nature to Complete a Sense of Consciousness.


24 thoughts on “Supernatural Meditation taught by an Archangel [ENG/KOR SUB]

  1. I was praying to God and Michale for a powerful video. Right after this video poped up! Thank you michale and God to all who need an up lift. You are divine beings living a human experience live it to the fullest and never give up! Much lovr light peace and abundance be your way!

  2. I just did it I dont necessarily know what this video is or how you figured it out but I would absolutely love to know more I looked ahead and focused on everything but could not exactly know what everything was. It's more or so the shapes of everything. I could focus on close or far like zooming in and out. I could feel it more in my stomach tho and it was difficult to allow it to go to my legs which I picked feet and arms which I picked hands. But this is absolutely true if you know how this video came to play let me know please.

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