Supernatural Meditation Master

My name is Corey Johnson bka “Musicorey”. I now present to you my brand new episode of: Supernatural Meditation. Some parts on the video I have to let it be a give away to throw people off; so that the secret services can’t and want be able to figure out my real supernatural ability.

I must say that I believe in UFO’s because I have experienced a lot of encounters. I went to certain parks and they give me certain codes and ways of contacting them. I was taught a lot of amazing UFO technology top secrets. And also flown out of this world in different spaceships on more than one occasion.

All music and video produced recorded and copyrighted 2014 by Musicorey Productions INC. Meditation is the key to perfection and victory. It relaxes the mind body and soul and give you power. Please enjoy my show and feel free to subscribe add and rate me up. Thanks


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