Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation

Super Model Raquel Zimmermann tells women and girls how the Transcendental Meditation technique woke up her brain, her relationships, her energy, her health, and her bliss.

Women Teaching Women
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The TM technique is the single most important thing that women can add to their daily routine because it will make every aspect of life better. With TM you’ll be happier, clearer, more creative and more fulfilled in yourself as a result.

“It’s a silly thing -models are just seen for how they look. I started to feel that every human being should be valued for what they have inside. Then you see a lot of girls that wan to be like models. They want to be skinny like models. They start to get eating disorders. It’s like an obsession to be or look a certain way .But you start to realize that doesn’t matter. What matters is what you have inside.”

“I remember when I first started meditating; it was like a wake up call in my brain. All of a sudden within the first week of meditating I wanted to organize my life, my personal belongings, my apartment, everything. It was like I got this desire to organize things. It was almost like my brain was turned on.”

Transcendental Meditation® for Women is the organization offering the wide range of benefits of the Transcendental Meditation® program to women for their health, happiness and fulfillment in life. It is the only Transcendental Meditation (TM) organization run exclusively by women, for women.

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21 thoughts on “Supermodel Raquel Zimmermann on Transcendental Meditation

  1. Without all that high glamour make up and magazine photoshopped… She looks just like your average person. I don't mean that in a bad way… This just shows the fashion industry is all about a fantasy images.

  2. It's very clear to understand why Raquel has been so successful as a model and why she has so many loyal clients.  This is the first time that I've seen her be so knowledgeable, open and engaging.  I would love to learn more about Transcendental Meditation. 

  3. Thank you for expressing what TM is doing for you, I am still a newbie, I learned TM on April 16 2012 my day of freedom and bliss, thank you Raquel, I hope to share your video with many. Especially young women, who could benefit greatly.

  4. @MolecularMoonlight she say she was modeling before she began meditating.. but it didnt cause her to quit modeling because she didnt go that far, she didnt go really deep, she just touched a little bit deeper level of her being and that brought her a new level of awareness and well being compared to her former state

  5. Raquel is happy to use her fame to be a spokesperson for anything helpful to humanity, such as the TM program. modelling is a job, not everyone has jobs that serve for the good of the world, but using one's fame to benefit the world is very practical and generous.

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