Sunette Spies: Meditation Discussion within Self honesty with Common Sense

Sunette Spies is answering within common sense how meditation as the commenter (and in fact most of the times people tries to do) mentions here it is in fact NOT the solution as stopping the mind but in fact the strengthening of the mind as personality as Self-dishonesty for further separation from the Physical Reality here:

“..You’ll find, that you can stop Thoughts, detach from Thoughts as much as you want, it won’t change who you are in physical-reality, within your direct-participation with your environment and people = you’ll still have the same reactions, the same Thoughts, the same actions towards your environment and people = because you’re not changing yourself in Moments when it matters, when/while you’re participating in reality.
You’ve only changed/shifted your perception of yourself within your Mind = but how you live and what you live = still remain the same.
This is not actual, real physical-change = but perceptual change, wherein you simply shift from one idea of yourself to another idea of yourself within the many dimensions of the Mind, shifting between varying mind-dimensions.
BUT if you clearly investigate yourself in Moment of direct-participation in-Reality your thoughts, words and deeds = you’ll SEE YOURSELF and realise YOU, yourself haven’t changed, you’re still existing within and participating within the exact same habits and behaviours. ..”

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Investigate the mind, meditation is of and as the mind and what we need is to STOP participate within the mind, to come back physical reality, where the problems are, not just going into a mind-cave where everything is blissful and the feelings are blue or pink.

Any spiritual system what avoids directly questioning the capitalistic money system can not really be a solution what is best for all – only of and as: self-interest.
Consider all life equally within where you are already supported physically by food, shelter, education, medication: that is required for all – that will not be solved if one is meditating on happy feelings or imagining being detached from thoughts for a hour daily – that only makes one feel better without really changing.
Listen The Buddha experience:

If you are ready for making that leap of faith within Self as Life as Breath to face reality: investigate within Self-honesty:

Group of people exploring Self-honesty

Self-supporting audio recordings/books

Daily blogging within Self-honesty to really change


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