Successfully Contact Your Spirit Guide(s) Guided Meditation

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Drift away into the experience of connection with consciousness, which we call Spirit or Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. This connection is only behind a thin veil that we create ourselves and with a help of this meditation I invite you to remove this veil and for you to experience unconditional Love. You will also receive a sense of guidance, peace and support or it might simply help you to relax, fall asleep.
Big LOVE, Rasa

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46 thoughts on “Successfully Contact Your Spirit Guide(s) Guided Meditation

  1. I have talked to my so called spirit guides and gaurden angels every day for over thirty years. I have asked them to show me communicate to me and nothing. I have asked them for help and instead of helping me they have helped all the people that have discriminated and blacklisted against me and dome me wrong.!

  2. After a while I completely faded out. Some time later, I heard you say pick up the phone, dial, and I heard the beeps. There was nothing in my mind, however my third eye is awake and alert. Perhaps my subconscious knows what happened and I meet my spirit guide. All I know is that the tiger is my spirit animal. I don't know or remember anything except for the beginning. And before I opened my eyes, I heard in my mind, Hello I am part of you. That's it. Can somebody help me understand this?

  3. I got drawn to the names Zoey, Zendaya, and Tiffany does that have something to do with anything? But now it feels like I have this voice inside my head that's name is Zoey and she seems extremely calm and talks to me in my head. I don't think I'm crazy. Am I?

  4. I cannot meditate because of inability to do the relaxation exercise in the beginning of all these meditations. I hate them with a passion. It seems everyone can do it except me. I can't relax, I can't clear my mind, its impossible. I try to force it upon myself, its just not happening and very frustrating. How do you relax when trying to relax is so frustrating.

  5. Wow! I will never forget this day. My daddy that's been deceased 18 years, my great nephew 6 years, my nephew 20 years and my cousin/bub 3 years were all there. It was amazing. I literally felt my dad grab,my hand. Its amazing. By far the best!

  6. I didn't receive any responses as my body almost forced my consciousness back into it as the phone rang. I know it wasn't that I was startled by the ringing as I heard the first ring and took mental note of it, but I do not know if it was the final ring as time felt unlinear. When my eyes were open I just saw strange patterns of light, similar to the patches of light when your eyes are shut. My body was also tingling from head to toe, and I found my hand was placed on my stomach. I didn't see anyone or hear anyone, but at one point during the visualization I noticed a small bouqet of white flowers in a red vase. I do not know what this might mean. As far as the discussion of numbers in the below comments, I, too, see repeating numbers. My numbers are 121. I see them in various patterns. My birthday is also 1.21.2001. I wish I understood it's symbolism. All in all, this meditation felt powerful despite the lack of cohesive response. Thank you Rasa!

  7. I tried this, and when I had finally relaxed and got to the point of the meditation where you connected to your spirit guide, I felt a warmth on my insides, like and embrace, and I slowly let the heat spread, and it was gentle and nice, and just when I wasn't expecting anything, I felt all the warmth disappear, and some energy enter my body, hurting me like a punch to the gut. My ears started ringing, I got nauseous, and the world I imagined twisted and swirled like when you're dizzy, and when I jerked my eyes open, it did that to the real world, also, to the point where I stumbled getting up to go to the bathroom. It's 15 minutes later and I still feel nauseous.

  8. hi i'am never doing meditation in my whole life but i tried it for the first time in my quite room by listening to your voice and instruction but after 30m later i suddenly feel like i was standing in the middle of beautifull small river with full of rock the water look so shinny and clean and i think i saw a light in form of human body doing meditation just like me what is that mean am i going trough or it's just my own imagination. sorry for my bad english.

  9. I think I need some help. So, I just finished the meditation and I want to share with you guys my own experience. Maybe someone can help me. So I was on a beautiful beach, near the ocean. The telephone was close but I just had a feeling of fear. I knew I was about to contact my spirit guide soon and I was so afraid. Went the voice from this video told me to get ready and I heard the first ring, my heart was pounding and I was extremely scared and I had this strong feeling of fear which I could not control. When I said hello, I just started crying and I could not stop. I couldn't move my body even though I was trying to. Something was telling me to calm down and that I am loved and there is no reason to be scared for at least 5 minutes and I still could not stop crying. This actually happend for 20 minutes and when I finally relaxed, I started crying again. I did hear a voice. I think he is my soulmate which chose to guide me through this life. But yet I was extremely scared and oh yeah some bad spirit just wanted to join the scene, idk, it was popping in my head sometimes and I don't know what it is, it just wouldn't let me stay in peace. Now all I want is to repeat this meditation everyday till I will be okay and not scared anymore. The last message my spirit guide told me was to listen to my intuition and he was pointing to my heart. Then we said goodbye and see you soon. So now my question is.. Everybody has any idea what just happend to me?!

  10. What an amazing experience I had. I was meant by my grandmother that passed away when I was 6 or 7 I think. She had a message for me.
    She told me that she loved me so very much and it wasn't fair that when my parents got divorced at my age of 4 that she never could contact me anymore or spend time with me…..I know now that she has ALWAYS been by my side. She is the one I've felt for years.
    I've never ever even tried to look up to my brow before, this was the first and it was an amazing experience.
    Thank you…..beyond meausures thank you
    ❤Much love❤

  11. Waw ure voice is truly amazing once I made the call is could feel like someone was pressing on my chest both sides and my eyes felt very very heavy and very very tired then my eye would pop a couple of times then my nose as I was so relaxed I jumped as your voice is truly amazing you take me out of reality and take me to another place mentally it's great I love it if would say u got the best hypnosis voice on u tube u truly have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me god bless you love and peace to you xxxx00

  12. I pick up the phone, dial, wait for the beep 3 times, but no response :(… This was the experience from my first and only time so far. Became very relaxed, but again, no response…

  13. Rasa, I found out one of my spirit guides is my great grandmother. I never knew her. My mom has passed over and I don't know how to find out more about her. I have been listening to your mediations hoping for a connection. Thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do.
    Love & Light,, Colleen

  14. I don't know if I'm doing this right at all. Didn't hear / see anything. I did however, have a weird cold breeze going over my feet at the point when I had to use the phone. Also, felt really strange being that relaxed, felt like I didn't have arms or legs. Really want to see / hear something though, and also ask if anybody knows the narrator, such a soothing voice.
    Any advice on how I would get to the next level of 'seeing the spirit' ?

  15. When i do this meditation am i just closing my eyes and imagining or am i suppose to look through third eye? Its kinda hard not to look through third eye and keep my eye lids shut at same time

  16. I want my husband get contact from his sister my best friend closer do a sister died last year I was floored she died picking up a letter from me hit her head and died could not get through a day then I saw her stand side of bed and crystal clearr said you silly woman get grip.i had her memorial picture and order of service on shelf at bottom of bed I picked it up said darling I putting it away now and it flew out of my hand vanished never seen it since

  17. this one talks so low i can barely hear her and cannot understand hardly nothing she is saying. i have headphones on due to bad hearing. I wish people would talk not whisper.

  18. Finally a meditation that worked!! In over 2years o have not been able to connect and although brief and vague I believe it did it today!! Thank you so much Rosa Lukosiute!! ♥️

  19. Help!!! So I saw a flower trying to bloom but it almost wouldn't. In my mind I was wondering what kind of flower it was….. I heart the word "VIOLET" come to find out… the person who I THINK is my twin flame, mothers name is VIOLA 🤔 am I going crazy here??

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