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Audio Enlightenment To Deprogram Fear And Worry From The Mind.

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What would your life be like without the use of fear.
F. false. E. evidence. A. appearing. R. real
The current fear based running virtual simulation program uses our fears against us paralyzing the mind-heart connection via the brain making people think and do things they would normally not do thus keeping us powerless hopeless in shackles and chains in a box. The only things that are real is your connection with source,love and nature. All else are thousands of virtual holographic simulation running programs that become self fulfilled prophecies.Yes we do know and hear of various agenda’s that are not in the best interest of humanity and giving our power away to them would mean peril, on the flip coin is to not attach our selves to it feeding it with emotional over re action and more fear so that they keep sucking our life force. Energy flows where the attention goes now is the moment of power man is what he thinks all day. Dissolving Fear is a good starting point on the Quest For Liberation. Energy Recovered and Energy Renewed.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

This is exactly how violent governments keep their people and foot soldiers under control and realizing this is the first step to achieving freedom and peace.

Headphones not Required.


Letting Go
Releasing All Fear And Worry Stress And Tension.
I Am Safe.
I Am Protected.
You Are Safe.
You Are Protected.
There Is No Person Place Or Thing,
Outside Of Myself That Can Harm Me.
I Am A Pillar Of Strength
I Have Complete Confidence And Trust In The Cosmos
Everything Turns Out Good For Me
No Matter What Goes On Around Me I Remain Fearless
Un Wavering Fearless Faith Gains The Day

Subliminal Calming The Mind

There’s not any aspect of life that can’t be improved with NLP and Hypnosis.

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  1. thing that freaks me out most in the world : go look up Jeff the killer….

    I just did and I looked at it calm. no fear what so ever. just sat there like "maybe I should go to sleep"

    edit: kay just read a creepy pasta and the pic at the bottom was brightend I'm scared again XD

  2. I have a crippling phobia of the dark (thinking weird, terrifying monsters and creatures are trying to kill me) and as with every method I tried, it worked at first and then failed. 🙁 It 2:43 am and I just want to sleep?

  3. I have had a lot of fear keeping me from accomplishing a lot in my disappointing and very lonely life.This is soothing and lovely,and I swear by this man's work he really knows his stuff,Thanks DrVirtual 7 you are a good soul!

  4. I listened to this once when I went to sleep and when I woke up I became more afraid. is this a one off thing? will it slowly get better? I dont doubt this I just want to know if it's normal because I know subliminals are a very two step forward one step back thing

  5. From my past life, my uncle taught me that it is fear that is the root of all evil and sin. For it was fear that drove kronos to kill zeus. Fear is what breeds distrust, indifference, violence, ignorance, and hate. The dark ones (my enemies) use fear to control others, and make themselves appear more powerful than they really are. But this video allows me to train myself to let go of all fear.

  6. For fellow star wars fans, the galactic empire was something that based it's reign on instilling terror and hatred. And yet, despite how much stronger they were than others, the rebels won because hope conquered fear. "We can't just back down because we're scared. That's when we need to stand up the most".

  7. Remember that you are healthy and well. But fear will trick you into a reaction to a threat that doesn't exist. The more you destroy fear, the more you save yourself

  8. I have been flying for about 57yrs and am fine til the plane begins to move around in turbulance. The more it movers around the more uncomfortable i get. In March of this year i was to take a 3hr flight on Wed morning. The Sun pm before i was surfing YouTube and found this video and thought, ill give it a shot for a few days. I played the full 30.06 mins Sunday pm, Monday am/pm, Tuesday an/pm and Wednesday 8.06am i took off on my flight. 50mins into the flight they just began to start serving when all of a sudden the fasten your seat belt sign came on and food, drinks and anything not tided down began flying everywhere. For about the first 10secs i just stared at what i was seeing, then realized that i was at total peace just observing the whole thing. I have flown 3 times since and am not only totally relaxed but actually now enjoy the turbalance. Thank you for taking the time and effort to transform peoples lifes and especially mine. Love and Blessings

  9. Fear serves no purpose at all. Ever since I lost all sense of fear, I have overcome self sabotage, in more control of my emotions, and started having a better life. Fear is for animals and humans. I have become superhuman, and more in my starseed warrior origins. We can't back down, that's when we must stand up the tallest. If you don't fight for your dreams by giving into fear, you might as well have sold your soul

  10. Wow DrVirtual7 is all I can say, I listened to this last night and felt instant some thing not sure how to explain but a good something. I have constant vertigo due to a trapizius injury from a car accident this developed into a full blown generalized panic disorder I now feel there is hope for me. I will be looping this all day long to play in the background 24/7, SUBLIMINAL END OF GAME ELIMINATE FEAR NOW-1X per day, Subliminal Relieving Chronic Pain and Fear Anxiety And Stress. Is there any other videos you recommended I add to my daily routine (or different videos I should be using instead) that you feel may help with my physical issues as well as mental issues? I am committing myself to a 21-49 day self improvement voyage.

  11. I love this track. Learning that fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real, has been a cornerstone of improving my life. I use that motto everyday without even thinking about it. Great work free agent DrVirtual7

  12. A healthy understanding of your unconscious'shadow self', and subsequent integration of it for the greater good is important in the shamanic tradition. if it is locked away and unacknowledged, that's when dysfunction arises. This is use of ones dark, depressed shadow self in a positive way for spiritual growth……

  13. for some reason, possibly due to my mother's unhealthy focus on the subject, I've recently been deeply depressed, paranoid, and terrified of a so called coming martial law in this country very soon. Which would mean being thrown into a FEMA CAMP with all my friends and neighbors for a lifetime of slavery….I'm doing every thing I can to raise my vibration above fear… I don't watch news or Alex Jones fearmongering. Your terror indoctrination subliminal has become part of my routine. I have no TV in my home, thank Goddess! I'll use this video as well. Do you have anything else to suggest?

  14. Hey does anyone know a good way of getting rid of frustration please?? I have exams at the end of the scholar year and I'm trying to train but everytime I fail I get frustrating and loose some time :- I'll be so grateful if you could provide me an answer!! Thanks in advance 😉

  15. that was great. i remembered many momments from my childhood as if it was yesterday. AND cried when i remembered a sick lovely sparrow that once i took care of, and missed it all of a sudden. that was sad. after nearly 27 years and i still cry the poor sparrow. it must left a deep impact on my soul

  16. After listening to this only ONCE i got some terrible results – basically i had 4 nightmares and in the early hours of the morning i had sleep paralysis. I don't think i'll be using this again at all :/

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