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Subliminal Program Healing Thy Inner Self

Inner Healing Childhood /Adult Trauma,Guilt,Self Sabotage,Shock,
Post War Traumatic Syndrome.Tragedy,Physical Emotional Mental And Spiritual Suffering And Abuse.

Use With Or Without Headphones.

This Audio Recording Produces A Profound Change

Human Emotions-Shame, Guilt, Envy, Jealousy, Unforgiveness Pose As Obstacles To This Happiness.

“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

A Just Listen Audio Subliminal Use With Or Without Headphones


The Healing Light Of Love
Flows Through Every Fabric Of My Being.
I Am Forgiven.
I Forgive All Things,People,Events,
Circumstances,Lessons,Myself ,The Past
Consciously And Unconsciously.
I Am At Peace Now.
I Am Free To Be Myself.
Every Facet Of My Life Heals
Easily And Effortlessly.
I Am Worthy
I Feel Good About My Life.
From This Moment Forward
I Will Enjoy My Life.
I Am Worthy Of Dignity And Respect.
Every Day In Every Way My Life
Is Getting Better And Better.
I Am A Blessing.
I Accept Myself.
I Accept Change.
I Am Calm.
I Love Life.
Unpleasant Memories Are Released.
The Past Is Over.
I Live In The Now.
I live In Balance And Harmony.
I Let Go.
I Make Good Decisions.
Free Of Fear.
Free Of Anger.
I Am Attractive.
I Am Enough.
I Accept Love In My Life.
I Am Free Of Negative Dreams
And Experiences.
I Make Wise Choices.
Each Day Is A Miracle.
I Am In Control.
I laugh More.
I Smile Easily.
I Am Understanding.
I Now Have A New Lease On Life.

There’s not any aspect of life that can’t be improved with NLP and Hypnosis.

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  1. I play this for Marc Everytime I go see him at the Hospital.He has done a three sixty in 11 days.I like it too.Thank You Dr.V you are appreciated and valued in my book

  2. I love reading the commands that you give in your videos. What an amazing person you are to put this out there to better peoples lives. I appreciate and adore you beyond all words.

  3. someone I'm staying with right now owns a soltec lounge…I'm healing from some trauma, wounds, hang ups and have been using it daily while I'm here. it has specific music you hook up to it, but this song was playing on my device while getting hooked up today, so it started playing through the chair. it was like ~ love. you should buy one and start a mini side business offering subliminal soltec healings! I wish I had more time then I'd spend time on the chair with subliminals because I think it'd be a really effective way to absorb the messages! anyway, just thought I'd share the experience. ta ta!

  4. So I listen to this a couple of times. All I can say is wow what a difference! I'm starting to feel better and perhaps more whole! Much thank's love, and peace!

  5. I listen to this video last night and today in the morning. On both occasions I fall asleep. Will it still be beneficial or do I have to be awake? Thank you.

  6. Such a reviving quality in this music. It has a vision of hope and feeling of being released!! Wonderful. I would love to add it to my personal collection…

  7. Hi DrVirtual7, I can't download this video thru a youtube downloader. It said that it's mostly caused by copyright issues. Where else can I download this? Thank you!

  8. Hey Doc7, thanks so much for your YouTube channel! Do you have a subliminal dealing with a guilt complex? I have a hard time forgiving myself and in general feel guilty a lot. Even when something good happens to me I feel bad for others who are still suffering. I want to eradicate all guilt. Also I love the affirmations for this subliminal Heal Thy Inner Self but I find the music a bit creepy. Would you be able to make one with more relaxing music?

  9. Is it normal to feel heavy heart /chest pain and kinda pinching sensation through the spine when listening to this ? Appreciate advice, thank you. I repeat listening without headphone for about 2 hours – I would like to speed up the healing process .

  10. Just listened to this for the first time it was so beautiful!
    I was brought up my Dad who used to hurt me and my little sister physically emotionally and psychologically, my Mum abondonned us both while we were very young.  And nearly 3 years ago my Mum did the most ultimate act of abandonment and commit suicide by hanging herself in the wardrobe.  My sister and I ere pushed aside on the funeral and were not allowed to make any decisions on what happened to Mum.  Mums family have wiped there hands of us both and my daughter who was 3 at the time and blame my little sister for Mum committing suicide. 6 months after loosing my Mum who was 43 (way to young) to suicide I had a home invasion by a stranger while was brushing my daughters teeth.  I feel like this recording is working Id love healing cause I'm sure I'm sending out an energy to attract these tthings in my life. I will have to keep posting my results with this, wether it works or not thank you dr7 for a beautiful recording it took me away on a blissful plane <3 and it was so nice to tune out and go there.  Bless you good Dr xoxox

  11. Another one I overlooked. It's been a summer of setbacks, misfortune and stress, some illness. I move forward in strength and hope. Just made 10 Dream Catchers and more jewelry for a big Pow Wow I am doing. A few weeks ago I was at an event and my booth was broken into over night and I was robbed of about $700 of my select merchandise that was one of a kind and hand made. Trying to rebound from that and other negative energies. Succeeding and I hope you have had success the summer as you have launched your web sight and started to offer your excellent programs to a wider audience.

  12. Vibrational  match ..Set and match. Check mate . With my gratitude .THANK YOU 
    USN ..11Sept 1991 – Oct 30 2006 ..Dr 7 fan of your work ..well done!

  13. Oh My God! I have been using this for a year now and the changes have been amazing. I am healing/healed all aspects of my life. This Subliminal is so very, very Powerful…….No Lie…….Really it is! It has been a Blessing.
    THANK YOU SO SO SO VERY VERY MUCH DR VIRTUAL. I am Truly Grateful to you for this and I send you Peace Love and Blessings a Million Times Over for this. Thank You Thank You Thank You! xxxxxxxxxx

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