Study Aid for Super Learning and Memory: Binaural Beats for Study, Focus, Memory

◢ “40Hz for Concentration & Focus” – For information-rich tasks and heavy work needed to be done, a 40Hz binaural beat in the Gamma frequency helps to give you more focus and concentration of the work at hand. This frequency is dominant when there are problem solving situations and we have created this binaural beats music to aid in such situations.

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We, at Brainwave Power Music, have been dedicating ourselves in creating original sound therapy music tracks, using binaural beats and isochronic tones as our primary sound element along with different instruments and soundscapes to create a relaxed audio environment. We have one main goal: To help others through our music, be it for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual purposes. We upload a lot of new content on our channel every week, and we continue to work hard to provide more new music therapy tracks for everyone.

Our other music categories are for:
• Meditation
• Chakra Cleansing
• Relaxation
• Therapeutic Self-Healing
• Overall Balance & Well-Being
• Study and Work Aids
• Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection & Dream Enhancers
• Planetary Frequency Connections

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• Lucid Dreaming Sleep Track (8 Hour Sleep Cycle Track)

• Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin Release

• Study Aid for Super Learning and Memory:

◢ What are Binaural Beats?
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◢ Meditation & Relaxation Music
Created as your ambient accompaniment during your meditation, relaxation, and spiritual connection sessions. To know more about Meditation, you can read our articles here:

◢ Chakra Cleansing, Therapeutic Self-Healing & Overall Balance
Chakras are energy points in the body and flows in the body through the life force prana. Our music tracks are dedicated to ignite, cleanse, and activate all your chakras using various frequency waves that are connected to certain parts of our human aspect, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
To know more about how to heal yourself, you can check out some of our articles:

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◢ Study and Work Aids
Get your mind to work and enhance your focus, concentration, creativity and information absorption without the stress or anxiety with our relaxing work and study music accompaniments. Read on how to achieve success with the Power of the Mind!

◢ Sleep Inducers, Astral Projection & Dream Enhancers
We’ve been creating a lot of unique music tracks dedicated to help you to fall asleep, or get a deep, good sleep that will leave you recharged and refreshed upon waking. Our astral and lucid dreaming tracks are all carefully formulated to make sure that you can achieve subconscious awareness. Here are a few very helpful articles about O.B.E.’s and Lucid Dreaming:

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24 thoughts on “Study Aid for Super Learning and Memory: Binaural Beats for Study, Focus, Memory

  1. The thumbnail got changed and I had lost this gem for over a year. This is one of my favorite brain wave tracks out there. So glad I've found it again!

  2. it,s important to find a nice comfortable chair ,before you begin in the pub, now, take the box of laxatives out the box and begin swallowing the whole box ,gently now, and wash them down with some frosty jacks premium cheap cider, now put your headphones on and drop your trousers and sit in a nice comfortable postion on the pan ,that,s right, just nice and comfortable and relax, that,s it relax ,let your mind drift as you swig back the cheap cider, you feel the dumper binaurals begin to take effect and whoosh splatter ,splutter ,the magic begins, you begin to feel unblocked from the constipation

  3. Is it really necessary for there to be piano and raindrop sound effects for the supposed effects of this track? Isn't the binaural beat itself enough? (Not a rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious.) It'd be cool if we could customize the tracks in some way to add/remove minor sound effects. I'm not sure if you already have that or not tho, but it seems like it'd be a good idea.

  4. A question for you, Brainwave Power Music…
    Is the effectiveness of this brainwave/binaural beats less effective to those with chronic tinnitus (ringing in the ears)?

    Brief background to help you understand the question I'm posting: I have had constant ringing in my ears for years but most of the time I don't notice it unless I draw my conciousness to the ringing sound. In other words, I've learned to live with it. I dont' have a hearing loss that is measurable enough to require hearing aid devices.

  5. It is not only the 40Hz but the raindrop sounds activating areas of the brain; I don't know how to describe it. But the click click drip click drip closer and farther switching sides is awsome!

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