Stretches to grow 1-2 inches taller

3 minute stretching routine to GROW TALLER

I recommend doing this routine twice a day (when you wake up and before you go to bed)

The results will vary with everyone because there are a number of other factors to’s body, the type of food you eat, number of hours of sleep, amount and type of exercise. Good luck!


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49 thoughts on “Stretches to grow 1-2 inches taller

  1. Been trying to keep up with this routine for a week but I'm finally committing today.

    Age: 16
    Height: 168cm (5'6)
    Goal: 178cm (5'10) (shoot for the stars am I right lol)

    26/06/19: 168cm

  2. Trying to copy what everyone does in the comment section*
    Started June 25,2019__i'll update everry week
    After one day*..
    I will do this later after i watch this Ep(Kdrama)
    After watching*
    Maybe Later i will watch another ep
    After watching*
    Eshhh…i don't have time to do this…maybe i'll just stop😅😅😅

  3. In my country in order to become a policewoman/man you have to be 1.70m tall and I am 1.66 so i hope that in 2 years( when i finishes school) i will become taller with this streching

  4. Started: june 25, 2019
    Height: 144 cm/ 4’8 🙁
    Goal: 4’11/ 5’0
    Age: 12

    I’ll be updating every month, hope to see good results! Pls pray for me and my height guys huhu

  5. All of you are complaining about being in the low 5s… I'm just over the height of a midget (~4'8, 143 cm) at 13.

    Guess I'll see if this works. I'll update weekly, doing it twice daily.

  6. 24 June 2019

    I’ve literally always wanted to be tall.
    Age: 15
    Current Height: 173cm (5’8)
    Goal: at least 183cm (6’0)

    (I know its 10cm which seems quite hard)

  7. 10sec warmup
    10sec backbend
    15 sec reach sky
    10sec forward bend
    10sec shoulder bend
    8sec triceps stretch
    15sec side sitting stretch
    15sec forward bend
    15sec abs stretch
    10sec downwards dog walk up
    10 sec glute bridge
    15sec straight bridge
    14 sec lunges
    15 sec wall stretch

  8. I'm starting tomorrow (24th June '19) as it's midnight! XD
    Current height:
    Goal is to gain two and a half inches!

    Next Update on 4th July
    Height Improved by …
    By How Much?

  9. HEY JUST A QUESTION i just turned 18 today, and uhh i have a longer torso and short legs, i’m about 5’3-5’4 just wondering if my legs can grow longer from this? ;;-;;

  10. lmaooooo im delulu asffff so imma try this

    Age: 18

    Height: 5 ft 3

    Goal: Idk not 5 ft 3 more than 5 ft 4 if possible pleaseeeeee goddddddd

    Wish me luck!!! (this shit probably not gonna work) I'm gonna eat more vegetables and try to exercise plus do this and see if anything works.

    Update in 1 month or when i notice a difference

    Age : 15,5
    Height : 1,60 cm (or somewhere there)
    Goal : As much as I can. However, I'll stop if I ever get at 1,70 cm (insert instense laugh)

    I'll start tomorrow morning! Hwaiting!

    I'll do it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Just as she said.

    Day 1 : No difference.
    Day 2 : No difference.

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