Stop Using Relationships as a Way To Distract Yourself From Unhappiness

Stop Using Relationships as a Way To Distract Yourself From Unhappiness

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Today, we’ll be talking about distraction and how it affects your self-esteem and state of mind which reflects how you relate to people and connect with men in general. For me, sometimes we don’t notice the momentum that happiness has on your thinking and your action. By momentum, I mean that you become used to being unhappy which is hidden in the amount of distraction that you desire. As a result, we have to slow down but the problem is when we slow down, it becomes uncomfortable.

My main weakness is the need of distraction all the time and people find it “cool” but it also means there’s a constant storm going on in my head and it means I’m not at ease with myself and as a result, I always need something to make myself feel better.

Do something that brings you back to awareness and do it every day. When you do this, it’s going to clear your mind.

You cannot let the need be the primary indicator to choose who to be with. You have to first find the equilibrium, which only comes from self-awareness.

The need for distraction is a powerful thing. A lot of people spend their lives through always looking for the next big thing or the next dopamine release that they’re gonna get from somebody. They never really look for that peace which only comes through being uncomfortable.

Experiment with doing nothing. Experiment with no distractions and no stimulation and see how your mind and body react. Does it begin looking for different things or other distractions? Or does it stay still?

By simply being aware and doing this, you bring equilibrium to your body. You feel less stressed and you feel more relaxed. This comes through when you allow the turbulence to happen and when you allow it to occur inside of you and not resist it. Let it be there.

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37 thoughts on “Stop Using Relationships as a Way To Distract Yourself From Unhappiness

  1. This is hitting the nail on the head. I like this guy but I’ve been pining after him for a few weeks now and it’s making me like him less and less. I think it’s because I’m doing it out of distraction because everything in my life right now is pretty unstable financially, family wise with my ex and my work is constantly in a weak position bc of my lack of support system with my kids it’s funny because I’ve never wanted a man in my life more then now but I know it’s because im very vulnerable and want the void filled by someone’s care and attention but I’m afraid if I let someone in my life in such a low place then once things get better I’ll open my eyes and I’ll realize I don’t actually like them! So I need to accept the pain and woman up!!! The only thing I refuse to let go of is listening to music and dancing

  2. Book recommendation for you; (on this topic) The artist's way by Julia Cameron. 🙂 Maybe not for you personally (I don't know, maybe you have a secret talent you have yet to reveal to us 😉 ) but definitely for any lady watching this video.

  3. Hey!! I know this is off video topic, however I would like your opinion regarding God? The reason I'm bringing this up is because Yoga is satanic. You are messing in the spiritual round including lucid dreaming. I just starting watching your videos about relationships, however I noticed your starting to do videos about more self awareness.. like the New Age. I know all this sounds weird but it's the truth. Any who, I would like your thoughts.. thanks in advance!!

  4. I really think I'm going to take your advice.. I always feel like I constantly have to be distracted from the pain because sometimes I don't really know how to deal with it. I find that facing the pain head on and allowing myself to feel something gives me that sense of tranquility. It's not always easy to reach the point of even wanting to let my thoughts cross my mind, maybe one day I'll find peace. I love your video they actually help alot. Thanks.

  5. Can you make a friend's with benefits video? p.s I'm glad I found your channel keep up the good work! You have a awesome personality and have a great sense of humor. 🙂

  6. Oh so helpful to me right now! I'm half way through the Power of Now which you put me on to  and I love the way you help us to put mindfulness into everyday practise.  You the BOSS with explaining these concepts! I'm with you about the yoga too.  Struggling doing it at home the mat keeps staring back at me and I'm not motivated to jump on it.  Gotta take a class as you say it is powerful way to bring yourself into your body and total awareness.  I'm a mature Scottish lady but get so much identification from you and your powerful videos.  Thank you lovely man x

  7. What works for me, I imagine my emotions as people and I imagine that I'm befriending them.. I feel like after doing that those emotions become my ally .. sounds crazy but it works

  8. Most of my friends are doing things to avoid the pain. I know few of them have toxic parents and they refuse to accept this and go through the pain. they are in relationships or marriages with narcissists or people who disrespect them. I understand very much the horribleness of feeling the pain and divorcing all those toxic relationships. When you divorce this part of your life you feel alone and usually you WILL be alone and isolated. I divorced my parents and ex and it is really hard.
    Everyone around me asks about how am I doing, how often do I go home and so on…my heart rips apart whenever I need to touch the subject. However it is much better to respect yourself and be alone than running away or avoiding the truth. …thanks, Alex!

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