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  1. Great video bud, so so so true. Me personally, when I ever notice myself complaining about others, I eventually catch onto to it, and know that I need to eventuate myself as I am probably not happy about my current state. And like your video suggests, on the flip side, anyone I do criticize during that short time period should not put weight on any of my criticisms as they are really about myself. Lesson, anyone who gives you constructive criticism – listen to them, anyone who gives you negative venomous criticism is actually showing you that they are unhappy with themselves, maybe offer kind words as they are suffering.

  2. Очень круто. Понемногу интегрирую стоицизм в свое мировоззрение. Уже второй раз перечитываю "К себе" Марка Аврелия и "Письма к Луцилию" Сенеки. Одни из лучших за все время. Такие книги вдохновляют и мотивируют на создание контента) Спасибо=)

  3. Stoicism literally changed my life completely and utterly, FOREVER. It's been almost 5 years of applying these concepts, and my reactions to things that are out of my control are like night and day compared to the hot head of yesteryear. Thank you Zeno. Thank you Seneca. Thank you Epictetus. Thank you Marcus Aurelius.

  4. I don't really agree with the thing on criticism. Many great writers, poets, musicians and painters quite often criticized society. If you follow politics, everybody is criticizing everybody. Marcus Aurelius also often wrote how you should have your own opinion and if your opinion goes against something that somebody else does, of course that you should criticize him. That is very stoic thing to do.

  5. No. This implies a stance of disinterest in the affairs of the World. Take your example of same sex marriage. For what ever reason you may be against this , yet according to you making a comment is "bitching". You are wide if the mark with your advise never to criticise . Some times criticism is valid and needs to be voiced to elicit debate.

  6. Just watched this video again…This is one of your very best. I haven´t read meditations by Marcus Aurelius but I really ought too. " if your distressed by anything external the pain is not do to the thing itself but your estimate of it" Brilliant quote👍 Yep bad things will happen. I think one of the problems these days is that we think that bad thinks wont happen… But again it´s inevitable. I said it before but I really hope you will make more videos🙂

  7. It started… ok, interesting stuff from a [I'm assuming] self-proclaimed stoic, which is just fine, but by #4 his tone changes into bitching about people bitching and how he just "doesn't has the time for that", like: "oh my! I am sooooo above this right now" and that's that, if he can't keep his head cool for more than 7 minutes of video I'm not sure how much I can honestly learn in here.

    Nice tips before that, thou.

  8. Successful people can be critical though; and criticism can be a positive. Just base the weight you put on criticism on who the person is and why you think they're criticizing you. And keep in mind even overly-critical losers have valid criticisms. If you're that bothered over being criticized you're a pussy and you need to remember that in the end others' opinions of you isn't something to base your self-image on.

  9. the third big idea can be misleading, what if a person is in a really bad place and they choose to do nothing about it. what if a person's future is at stake and no matter how much you try to help them they only disappoints you over and over by not trying, not wanting help, only because its easier to give up and do nothing? This idea that you shouldn't listen to criticism if its coming from someone who is unsuccessful can be damaging, no?

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