Starting Your Fitness Journey #2 – (How to Overcome Self Doubt & Insecurity)

What’s going on gainsters 🙂 In this video I talk about FAILURE. I wanted to share a personal story and my experience with self doubt and insecurity. Just because i’m Gregory Gains doesn’t mean i’m not human ! We all experience failure. How we deal with it defines us

What’s going on gainsters ! This video is for those of you that are not yet able to do that first pushup. If you are able to do a pushup send this video to your friends that you want to make gains, or watch these techniques so that you can teach your friend or somebody in the future !
It’s all about making each other better 🙂
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My name is Gregory Scott and I help and empower my clients in becoming the strongest version of themselves.
I love everything fitness, calisthenics, and movement related. Whether it’s through in person training, online
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My goal is to impact as many people as to help anybody that wants it to be the strongest version of themselves!
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41 thoughts on “Starting Your Fitness Journey #2 – (How to Overcome Self Doubt & Insecurity)

  1. I love the message you're spreading my man. I discovered your channel a bit ago and I have to say I'm really impressed with your philosophy and the way in which you conduct yourself. Everything you say about getting 1% better and building habits rather than motivation is spot on in my experience. At a little over 6 foot I used to be 217 at my heaviest but as of today I'm at 160. 156 was my lowest but I'm gaining back in muscle. I was lucky enough to have had a teacher a number of years back in high school who always said "you have enough energy to do what you do, plus a little bit more". I applied that to my efforts and some days I find it hard to believe how far I've come…and the future gains to be made! Keep up the good work; you're spreading the exact message many haven't been lucky enough to hear yet. Give high quality advice, and you're sure to see nothing but high quality results!

  2. Hey man i just finished watching like all your videos, you have a really nice and solid channel..keep it Up!
    I have a question i hope you can answer it. with progression and different variation of an exercise, do you think i should completely move on to a more difficult pushup variation once i can do +20 reps on a certain variation? also what do you think is the ideal rep range that i should always stay in if my only goal is to build muscle?

    by the way, how long do your workouts usually last? i train 6 days a week 60-70 mins per Workout. do you think thats overtraining?

    Good Luck with your Powerlifting Meet, get first place..!

  3. lol what a dick what a fuckin show off ewe geez but for real bruh ur doin awesome and this shit is getting uber transcendent your getting to that nervana stage already so im impressed keep goin forward live love laugh nd dont forget we gotta keep fighting every now nd then so show face so we can get round 5 on those stand offs just like workin out get comfy with each part of the movement so you could sit in it longer….plus i really wanna punch shit!! xD tc bro

  4. love the inspiration bro! I just got off work and I'm headed to the gym now for a late night Sesh! you also had me pausing the video checking my fire alarm battery lol

  5. Amazing video, broheim. I love these types of videos where you show the viewers how even fitness master can fail, and how you had to start somewhere. That montage in the beginning made me feel even more connected to you since I'm going through that right now in my life.

    Really liked the different camera angles 🙂 I can tell you're starting to branch out with your video styles! Lovin it.

    I guess I'm real since I knew what you were going to say before you said it 😉

    Great video man, I hope you're recovering nicely for your competition Saturday!


  6. Thank you Gregory for sharing that.  Your videos are inspiring to me.  I am always following your 1% gains in my everyday life right now.  When it comes to my personal life as well as my workout.  I do have a trainer I workout with but I too am really nervous to be in the gym.  This video though has helped me feel a little better and I may watch it a few times till it sinks in as I tend to be really shy.  But I totally agree with you that in order to get better you need to fail to succeed.  I did something I never thought I would this week and that was lifting 135lbs on my leg press.  That is more than I weigh.  LOL.  Please keep the videos coming.  If you have any suggestions for shakes or what kind of protein shakes you make I would like to see that.  I am currently using banana, powder, yogurt and milk in my shakes.  Any suggestions would be wonderful.  🙂  Thank you again and have a gainful day! 🙂

  7. Very inspirational! This channel has grown so much and these videos are always so helpful and motivating. Keep up the great work man!

    I was curious as to what you prefer between split and full body routines, also I've doing full body free weight training with a rest day in between each workout. I recently went into a superfit class at my school which is mostly body weight workouts, so I've been thinking of switching to body weight workouts instead of free weights or at least including it into my routine. I was wondering if I can lower the amounts of rest days if I switch to a body weight routine or if I include it into my regular routine, will having less rest days make gaining muscle mass a little slower?

    Once again, very inspirational video. I've I use to be very chubby and through the past two years I got pretty sick, so I lost all the fat and ended up way to skinny. Through the past few months I've been making gains, but I never counted in the nutrition factor until January and since then I've made even more gains. Sometimes I feel insecure, especially in my superfit class because the girl I like is in there and whenever I lift something the big guys come in and lift a whole lot more ? but this is very motivating and although I feel a bit insecure, I get super excited at the same time because I know since I'm putting all my effort into this, I'll soon be right where I want to be.

  8. It's true that a lot of people blame the reason they're not able to grow on genetics.
    I'm living proof that genetics can be changed fitness wise.
    I'm naturally really skinny, I used to be so skinny as a child that I was probably considered anorexic, and I went through so many body changes that every time I show my 9th grade pictures to people, they never believe it's me.
    I still have a way to go but it's definitely not impossible.

  9. damn man…… you're so inspiring. I wish you only the best. I hope to get to a portion of how successful and strong you've gotten over the years. you're a bad ass

  10. Really nice video.

    Holy, that old clip of you is only a year old… Did you only do bodyweight fitness to develop your upper body or did you mix in weights? Could you also do a video on your daily workout routine please 🙂

  11. That was amazing, thank you for that. ♥
    In the context of YouTube videos and stuff, if possible and you're ok with it, could you share some more footage of you when you were still getting started? That one clip you showed was actually somewhat nice, seeing someone else going through some rough patches. (For some reason, I never see people "failing" at the gym when I go, and I've only been sticking to what I know so I don't embarrass myself since I've only recently started)
    Thank you very much for this video, good luck out there!♠

  12. Man, that was beautiful, thank you for sharing that.

    "You have to fail in order to be successful. Failure is a necessity. Learn from your failures and keep moving forward."
    Well said!

    Greg, it's great to hear your story of how you got here and where you started. Seeing where you are now and what you are capable of is inspirational but seeing how you got to here and how you weren't always able to do a muscle up or a handstand pushup is relatable and shows that you worked hard at this to improve yourself and get these down through dedicated practice. Relatable in that we are all capable of more than we think ourselves if we do our best to improve every single day.

    Keep sharing with us, man. As with anything the more you work at it the better you'll get but even where you are now and the way you show and explain things is top notch. In other words your wording is eloquent and on point. This video is one of my personal top favorites I've ever seen.

    Also you put a big grin on my face just before when you were about to say "Get 1% better every single day." ~Gregory Scott
    I hope you're alright with it if I write that out on cardstock and frame it on my wall.

    Tonight is 79 pushups!

    Much love to you, bro! Keep it up!
    "I will persist until I succeed."

    -A fellow Scott

  13. people will always complain dont matter what , its just part of human nature , they will always find faults when they are human as well , but dont come down on others success , go out there and grab the world by the pussy people its there for all of us to grab …

  14. Hey Gregory! I have a question for you. I'm having trouble building the brachiallis muscles and was wondering if you could suggest some exercises that really focus on that muscle group? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!

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