Spirit, Soul, and Human Self

Sacred Sunday Service from Unity of Sedona, May 7th, 2017. Using various mythological stories as analogies, Michael explains how the teachings of God have channeled through various sources and eventually ended up in the Bible (as though that was the original source of the teachings). Using the human hand as a symbol, our finger tips are like the human self, the hand is like the soul, and the body is like the Spirit. Our biggest issues arise when we allow our ego to make us think that we are our finger tips and that this is ALL we are. This is reflected in stories such as the story of Zeus (Father God) and Persephone (daughter of Zeus) who got caught in the earth–all because she/we took the bait and believed the lie that we are flawed and limited beings. Like the heroes/heroines of Greek mythology, we must overcome life’s tests so that we may return to our natural origins as gods and goddesses.

Finally, one of the most common sayings among spiritual teachers and students, “God loves us just the way we are,” needs some correction. Although such a sentiment appeals to our ego that wants to be accepted, it is our destiny to return to the true part of us that existed before we took on a flawed, ego-based identity. So yes, God loves us as we were before time began, but cannot love us as we are–because the flawed person we think we are, is not our divine self, therefore it is not real and does not exist, and therefore cannot be loved.


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Please watch: “The Self Versus the self”



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