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Sadhguru speaks at a talk organized by the Dharma Civilization Foundation http://www.dcfusa.org/, on the “Spirit of Eastern Wisdom: The Intelligence Within”. He looks at how “Eastern wisdom does not come from the limited amount of data gathered from books or scriptures but by enhancing one’s perception.”

The talk was organized in support of “The Swami Vivekananda Endowed Chair in “Modern India & Indian Diaspora Studies” being established at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), to conduct accurate & authentic study of contemporary, emergent India, its opportunities & challenges.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/spirit-of-eastern-wisdom-the-intelligence-within/

Sadhguru: In appreciation of this commendable cause that the Dharma Foundation has taken up, I would like to say that for thousands of years, for the longest period compared to anything on this planet, this wisdom, this dimension of knowing has lived on, without any kind of true organization or a certain kind of leadership or any other kind of organized support. Out of sheer efficacy of what it is, it’s just lived on. A time has come in the world when… where even truth has to be protected (Laughter).

When we talk about East, we are not talking about a particular geography. This must be clearly understood – we are not talking about East and West as geographical features in the world. Any number of great minds in America have said things of great reverence and admiration for the so-called Eastern wisdom. Thoreau (Referring to American philosopher Henry David Thoreau), one of the greatest minds America produced, went out to say, “Every morning, I bathe my intellect in this stupendous and cosmogono (cosmogony?) knowledge from the East. In comparison, all our modern world and literature is puny and trivial.” I think Mark Twain went out to… probably gave out the best compliment to the East. When he visited India for a little over three months, he said, “Anything that can ever be done either by man or god has been done in this land.” Any number of others – Oppenheimer (Referring to American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer), Walden (Referring to a book by Henry David Thoreau), Emerson – any number of people have said many, many things. Why? Why is it simpot… important? Why is it important to preserve and nurture this dimension of life?

The fundamental reason why it seems to be so significantly different is because it is not a product of human intellect. It is not deductions that we made out of our intellect. This dimension comes from a profound inner experience, where there is no right and wrong, there is no up and down, just seeing things the way they are. And when we say dharma, we are not talking about a religion, as modern translators went about interpreting dharma as Hindu dharma or whatever, another religion, because they came from a mindset that everybody has to belong to some segment of humanity. They come from a mindset where humanity has to be divided one way or the other because they come from the surface intelligence of human nature which we call as intellect. Unfortunately, the modern societies, modern education systems have entirely dedicated themselves to the human intellect, completely ignoring other dimensions of intelligence which definitely exist within us. When you go by the intellect, the nature of the intellect is always to dissect and divide because intellect is essentially discriminatory in nature. An intellect functions always with a certain identity. If you have no identity, you cannot use your intellect. So with individual identities, either of race, religion, nationality, caste, creed, gender, when you apply your intellect, it’ll split the world into many pieces. So the significance of what we are referring to as the spirit of Eastern wisdom is it does not come from human intellect, it comes from a deeper dimension of intelligence within us…

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/spirit-of-eastern-wisdom-the-intelligence-within/


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