Spine tutorial (1) – Vertebral Column – Anatomy Tutorial


3D anatomy tutorial on the vertebral column using Zygote Body (http://www.zygotebody.com)

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27 thoughts on “Spine tutorial (1) – Vertebral Column – Anatomy Tutorial

  1. what is the application he is using. It doesn't look like the one in zygote body website.

    also, I will appreciate if you recommend a web atlas free or paid thanks

  2. What do you think about growing taller by stretching the spine and having the cartilage thicken a couple millimeters in each vertebrae which in the end will add up to 2 to 4 inches?

  3. THANK YOU for these! You show and explain the bones in a way my osteology professor is incapable of. Thanks to you, I'm headed for perfect marks this term! I've watched all your skull tutorials at least twice and wanted to tell you thanks. So thanks.

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