Sound Levitation ! Amazing Didgeridoo Physics

Sound Vibration Levitation.
Floating a rolling paper by playing a didjeridoo. The air pressure in the tube balances together along with the vibration of the sound to somehow hold the dancing paper at the end of the didjeridu.
Extreme Circular Breathing Challenge
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43 thoughts on “Sound Levitation ! Amazing Didgeridoo Physics

  1. this reminds me of, if you are bumpin music in a car, and put a piece of paper in the window.. for a few moments the paper will get caught in the open window.. either from sounds waves, or air distortion..

  2. I love this concept. Can I ask the didg player to choose a different tone….that does not "levitate"…then suction can be ruled out? I would love to see both tones together to show that it is levitation and not suction. I fully believe that – like cicada song – people have a role to play in keeping our physical plane in existence! aka. life on Earth (as opposed to other planets)….uh oh….maybe we are getting too deep now???

  3. Acabo de llegar a una conclusión gracias a tu vídeo. Los aborígenes australianos lo que consiguieron con el djeridu fue imitar el sonido que emitían los vimanas 😉

  4. Impressive !! Another old instrument getting weird physical phenomena is the "Taoist Bowl" (Lung Ding). When playing it in a special way you can see water drops walking on water (Faraday Resonance effect) !!

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