So Ham Meditation Course (Downloadable with workbooks)

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So Ham meditation is a powerful practice from Vedanta, being mentioned in several Yoga Upanishads, such as Yogashika. These ancient Sanskrit sutras declare that the breath comes in with the sound ‘So’, and goes out with the sound ‘Ham’. This is also known as Ajapa Gayatri, the spontaneous mantra which the Jivanatma (individual soul) is constantly repeating. Many great historic sages such as Valmiki, were initiated into this powerful ajapa mantra sadhana.

Length: Six 40 min Audio Meditations
Language: English
Delivery: Streaming or Downloadable
Formats: MP3 (audio files), PDF (workbook)
Level: Beginner and intermediate

The practice of So Ham is a complete Yoga method for reaching the fruit of meditation, samadhi. Instead of suspending the breath, as is required for all other yogic methods, the awareness of breath and Ajapa Gayatri is maintained throughout the entire meditation. This is an important benefit of this method, since most aspirants have not developed the lung capacity to remain in the state of suspended breath during samadhi, through this practice they can experience the aim of yoga.
So Ham meditation has incredible therapeutic benefits and offers a permanent cure to all mental disorders. This simple practice withdraws the senses, awakens self-awareness, and removes all impurities from the mind. So Ham meditation has the benefit of being a complete system of mental training for transcending the body, mind and intellect; safely delivering us to the other shore of Self recognition.

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