Sitar Recital by Swami Satyendra Sharma at DhyanYoga Meditation Center

Uplifting yet calming listening to the classical sounds of Satyendra Deo Sharma at DhyanYoga Meditation Center, Centreville VA, USA. Based on the Raga tradition, Satyendra gracefully plays the Sitar while singing in the Ancient language of Sanskrit. In Hindu tradition, it is said that this music was created by the deities Brahma and Saraswati, with the intent to be used as a meditative, devotional, and entertaining experience for the human spirit. Since the nature of Raga is pure music, no religious affiliation is required and anyone of any background can experience and appreciate it’s peaceful and uplifting effect on the mind, body, and soul. Sitar Maestro Satyendra started his training at the age of 8 with world famous Maestro Baba Ustad Allaudin Khan. In 1974, he started a music school in Madhya Pradesh, India, where his sitar performances earned him the title of “Little Ravishankar” from the chief minister. In addition, he had the privilege to perform in the presence of spiritual master OSHO for two years in Pune, India


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