Shifting Into Abundance [MeTime Meditation]

Awaken to your Inner Power! Meditate into your Desired Life with the brand new…and channeled… “MeTime Meditations”.

If you’re tired of living the same old story…
If you know that the Law of Attraction works…but it doesn’t seem to be working in your favor…

If you desire more for your life…
…more purpose
…more meaning
…more abundance
…more freedom

…then you have found your solution right here and right now. I wouldn’t wait any longer to fast-track yourself into your powerful awakening!

MeTime is Your Time to go within — and move with ease and grace into the life you Truly Desire and Deserve!

MeTime is a series of 30 meditations designed to Fast-Track your Awakening into a life of Deep Purpose, Meaning & Fulfillment!

One empowering meditation is delivered to your email inbox once per day over 30 days.

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

If you don’t know me… I’m Mary Freeth.

I’m a registered nurse, energy healer, meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and spiritually awakening human.

I created MeTime to help you fully awaken to YOUR extraordinary life of deep purpose, meaning and fulfillment.

We all have the great potential within us to create the life of our wildest dreams!

MeTime was born out of many months of meditation and channeled writing that grew out of my many years of self-healing and awakening.

In a moment of inspiration, I knew that I needed to put these messages out to the world in a way that people can easily absorb and integrate them into their lives.

I know that those who need MeTime will be drawn to this program to activate their inner power and become… healed, transformed, catapulted forward, and further awakened (noting that we won’t be 100% fully awakened until we get to the other side). 🙂

MeTime is for the person who…

…feels called to a life of deep purpose, meaning, and fulfillment

…wants to speed up the process of awakening into unlimited potential

…wants to make a difference in this world

…wants to create a life filled with greater love, abundance and adventure

…desires to live from a place of intuition and continual spiritual growth

…knows that all of the answers lie within and wants to more easily access these answers

…will not settle for a life of mediocrity

…wants to release old patterns and limiting beliefs around money, relationships, and worthiness

…is ready to let go of the old and move into a new life of endless possibilities

…is ready for a major spiritual awakening

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3 thoughts on “Shifting Into Abundance [MeTime Meditation]

  1. I'm on Day 7 of my 30 day package but today I wanted to do this, too. Since starting the 30 day meditation I have been feeling this urge to unplug and dedicate more time (besides my morning and night) to meditate – like I feel there's something I need to channel through it.

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