Shekhar Kapur asks Sadhguru about “After Death”

My Conversations with the Mystic – Shekhar Kapur with Sadhguru

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Sadhguru and one of India’s leading Film Directors Shekhar Kapur, continue their one on one dialogues at the Isha Yoga Center, this time touching on the subject each one of us will inevitably be faced with… Death. Not only that, but they speak on the significance of the last moment of death, the impact of Suicide, Heaven and Hell, Rebirth, Reincarnation, the Afterlife, Ghosts and more.


44 thoughts on “Shekhar Kapur asks Sadhguru about “After Death”

  1. nicely explained but..if anyone has gone through such a horrible state with ghosts or spirits is whats something outside the physical dimension or within it?

  2. Sadhguruji I enjoyed this topic and conversation with Shekhar Kapur so much I was wondering if you can give us "your students" a second part continuation more in depth. Resonance & yearning for your deep spiritual wisdom. Namaste!

  3. " developing fetus " means Soul is present.  A still born baby means the growth of the fetus was there on account of the presence of the Soul BUT some how the Soul left the baby body in the womb of the mother.  No fetus develops without the presence of the Soul.

  4. Its sad for the ppl who believe this.I kno U dont like christians.Dont need to say it.But its my intention to say Jesus will come and get you if U believe and pray regular and have a serious relationship with him.This guy is depressing most of U i know.But he is wrong.Every single religion says God comes to get his faithful.That like 96% of the world who believe in a God of some sorts.U saying 4% are right?This is truly sad.Just wandering without aim?Madness,Ill wait on Jesus.Who died for us all

  5. I think we keep coming back to this LOW Dimension in a Different Body until we LEARN to RISE above these LOW ELEMENTS that we allow to CONTROL us , Or we may Choose to come into this Dimension to Help Others Rise above it

  6. Physics, chemistry , molecules we know all about this thru our education what existed billions and billions years ago. One atom differs from another atom thus there is a variation in the energy. It is just a transfer of energy from one to another. An apple lives even after cutting it from the tree and the energy is transferred into different form when consumed and that energy gets another form thereafter and goes on and continues to live. Form varies depending upon the energy that is 'Shakti'.

  7. Interesting, same goes for universe and its spreading faster and faster , so space, matter and souls are acting somehow corelated

  8. who is this disactivator who disactivates your 5 senses? Is it a sense or is it more than sense? you just haven't heard of the loudness of quietness.

  9. Sadhguru is Highly contradicting him self by saying in my opinion:
    "if you close your eyes, you still exist as you, with your identity…"
    meaning you more that your body… and you exist out of it..
    But if you disactivate all 5 senses, you are non conscious of your self anymore…
    Therefore the perception of identity, is a temporal construct based on the armony of certain bio-chemical reaction in the body…
    What we call continuity of existence of our identity .. is highly body related…

  10. @qwyzl Haribol! i heard this interesting explanation: The most developed souls just need to pass through a fetus so in time of birth they leave it immediately, mission accomplished.. task fulfilled.

  11. @nsajja who said raghavendra commited sucide …u sounds crazy buddy he's got jeeva samathi…..Jeevan' – the life / soul in Tamil 'Samadhi'- no activity – no decay or growth – statusco – remains forever and the time limit for the Samadhi status depends upon the saint's bio-magnetic strength, which may vary in terms of hundreds of years. Until then, the soul in samadhi stage will continue to bless the devotees….before u questioning someone check whether your Question is rite or wrong…

  12. i would like to know what would happen to a developing fetus if no soul enters it. would the fetus continue to develop and in the process of growing bigger and stronger develop its own soul, be come a full fledged person? or would this fetus be spontaneously aborted by the woman's body be cause it contains no soul? is this the case with still born babies – that no soul entered them, and so they could not survive out side the womb after delivery? some one kindly answer. this intrigues me.

  13. @nsajja
    These are great saints who have attained such levels of consciousness/awareness that they can know for sure what they should do next and what body they will get. So when the time comes they voluntarily do so. Since they know very well what the Divine intends for them, due their advanced Yoga, they relinquish their bodies when the time comes. Ordinary human beings cannot do that and due to their ignorance, they are forcibly taken away from this planet.

  14. The CREATOR lets HIS creation know about the unseen/hidden aspects of creation through whom HE communicates – the Prophets & the Messengers. HE communicates to them about how life should be lived, about how HE can be pleased and about how/why HE is angered and how HE expects us to worship HIM and so on. Each Prophet/Messenger is given a set of laws to abide by, which he communicates to the common people.

  15. Thank you for the wonderful explanation Sadhguru on life after death. You have said " One who dies by accident, suicide and or killed have tendencies that the etheric body carries and cant repair itself and will take time for rebirth". Right. What happens to saints like Swami VeeraBrahmendra, Raghavendra who entered Samadhi and committed suicide or you can say left their physical bodies. Our contitution does not allow voluntary deaths. We have no right on our lives. Can you explain.Narendra.

  16. @derubala Exactly, theyre all having the same argument about who's right, all making the same mistake. Only a wise person can stand back and realise this. "isn't it" 😉

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