Shamanic Drumming Journey Meditation – Trance Inducing Music for FLOW STATE Consciousness

Headphones Recommended!

We have a treat for you this week with this ultra powerful shamanic drumming journey meditation. There are no binaurals or isochronics present in this composition as the drumming itself acts as the entrainment stimulus (read below for details). The first half is around 8 1/2 minutes long – the second half follows a similar structure, though contains variations in the rhythm and melody. Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you want more of these ethnic meditations.

Instruments – Buffalo Drum, Didgeridoo, Synth, Shakers, Tambourine, Acoustic Guitar. Composed, arranged and mixed by the Brainwave Hub

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Shamanic drumming is between 20 to 30 thousand years old and is one of the most ancient systems for healing. Drumming sessions can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and can lead to intense trance states in listener, sometimes accompanied by strong visuals.

These drumming rhythms are able to influence the biological states due to a natural phenomenon known as entrainment. Entrainment occurs when two or more frequencies lock into each other, such is the case with brainwave rhyhms. The ability of sound, or more specifically a rhythmic audible stimulus such as shamanic drumming to entrain brain wave frequencies is known as the frequency following response, or alternatively, auditory driving. Research suggests that there is actually a link between the speed of these rhythms and the internal state generated, though it’s not necessary for the rhythm to be entirely consistent and unvarying in order to achieve this.

According to Christine Stevens:

“A drum circle works because of the principle of “entrainment” – when a strong rhythm exists, the other rhythms around it fall in sync. Everyone can feel the pull of a strong beat, and can easily play along, provided they don’t try too hard, essentially interfering in what is natural.”

Our brains are hard wired to respond to rhythm, and shamanic drumming has the ability to access the brain as a whole, synchronising both the logical left hemisphere and more spatial, intuitive right hemisphere. The two hemispheres can therefore communicate with each other through symbols and imagery, which can lead to a further understanding and integration of self. Abstract thinking is required to make sense of symbols, concepts, and emotions in order to process unconscious material. The human ability to process and translate inner experiences into something meaningful is expertly exploited by the use of drumming.

Entering these deep trance states with positive intent can allow our conscious minds to take a back seat, not only allowing great insight into ourselves, but also access to a boundless ocean of creativity.

As we repeat these inductions and reinforce the neurological connections within our brain, we are able to let go of the constraints of too much conscious effort and enter the much sought after ‘flow state’.

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I am a musician and create all content myself, which is presented in context for a variety of therapeutic needs. I have been interested in the effects of sound on consciousness for over a decade and The Brainwave Hub provides a creative outlet to share these ‘audio experiments’ with the YT Community.

As a company we are supporters of mental health awareness; adding commentary to our relaxing audios would be counter-productive and detract from the experience; however we do have a large number of affirmation & spoken word mindfulness meditations available on our channel. Our main aim is to provide relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia, in addition to providing musical backdrops for students to study.


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