Sexist restaurant dress codes: Should women have to wear this to work? (CBC Marketplace)

Should women have to dress sexy to serve you a sandwich? Charlsie Agro goes undercover to apply for a job serving in popular family restaurants. To read more:
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43 thoughts on “Sexist restaurant dress codes: Should women have to wear this to work? (CBC Marketplace)

  1. I feel like the girls are overreacting. You're not being sexualized. They just want you too look appropriator, match the theme of the restaurant. And yes I hate to break it to you, but dress nice. So what they are recommending things for your body type? They just want a dress on you that would look good on your body type. If a fashion designer picked out an outfit and said "This would make you look good because of (Your body type)" Would you be mad? NO! You'd thank them for helping you. The heels do seem a little over the top though.

  2. Ok, I don't condone harrasing women. But I can say that glamourasing them is all a business can do. If a business does not glamourise them, customers will lose interest. Also, if you are working such a low job as a waitress, you probably don't have any accademic value. Don't complain, like children, about the rules. If you don't like the rules, then don't work there, it's common sense. And if you're glamourised and sexualised everywhere, get on with it or live in poverty and homelessness. There's a hierarchy here, know your place ,and if you can, try and work your way up the ladder. In an office or a lab where actual skill and knowledge is required, you don't have to look sexualised. Where it is not required, accept your place. You Americans can't deny it, you love capitalism?, Then you should partake in it and grow yourself, don't force other people to change for you, do it yourself

  3. Now go undercover and troll Hooters or better yet strip clubs. I get it's sexualizing the waitresses. But most companies and businesses have dress code whether you think it's too sexual or not. To change the industry stop working in those restaurants.

  4. So employers are not allowed to have a dress code? And more importantly i don't see any guys on the floor so guys are probably cooks of bus boys so guys don't get customer interactions as often. I worked at Hooters when younger and im a dude and i could not interact with the customers as thats the hooter girls job, and that's Hooters right as an employer don't like it don't work.

  5. On the side of the business owner, there will be men that will be drawn to such & entertaining it would be good for business. On the side of the waitresses, they do have the choice to not take the job if they disagree. I see this comparable to a entertainment network feeding on gossip news for business… Some people may find it inappropriate (myself included) to butt in on peoples private affairs even if they are famous, but it sells nontheless. In conclusion I think if you disagree with how people conduct their business then simply do not support (be employed or become a customer) of such… But badmouthing those who do is a bit too much.

  6. When are they going to run a piece on required male dress codes in offices? I have to spend thousands of dollars on suits, dress shirts, suits, belts, and ties to work beside women who can show up in yoga pants and $20 blouses without anyone raising an eyebrow. If I don't dress in the way the all-female HR department specifies I get sent home and told to change as well.

  7. Typical female, I did something for four years and it doesn’t suit me anymore so now I’ll complain. Or I want to complain about sexual harassment twenty years later because just now I made up my mind I wasn’t okay with it.

  8. People say that these outfits are demeaning to women but you realize that these women choose to do this job. They choose to wear the outfits and to walk around in the workplace like that.

  9. sexualizing things is nowadays the trend to make money. most of the ads on tv are sexualized, so there is nothing new here. obviously restuarants think they could attract more customers if they have sexy waiters. if it is a fact that sexualizing women could make more money for business, then you can't blame businesses for it because like any business out there, they don't care about morality nor equality as long as they make money, if a business can't make money, they can't hire people, so if you want to work then you need to comply. I know it's immoral and not right but it's what it is

  10. They were told at their interviews what to expect dress code wise & STILL took the job. Even if they were told after the interview when they showed up to work they still continued to work there…🙄. Obviously those jobs are not for everyone but some girls like it & live off their looks so it's perfect for them (tip wise). Another useless story about nothing🙃

  11. it is necessary to have some kind of dress code.. People dont want some one handling their food. If they are not clean. Or their clothes aren't clean. And their hair is dirty. So some Restaurants like , Dennys would supply their waitress dress.( uniform) and name tag .They had to be at the knee or no more then 2 or 4 inches above . Brown shoes your choice . No high heels . And must wear hair net.
    and be clean..
    And I still think that's how it should be today..

  12. How about men do not grope or harass a waitress only because she is wearing a short skirt and low cut shirt. These dress codes (besides the heels that is just plain and simple bodily harm) wouldn´t be an issue if men could just show respect and don´t harass waitresses or females in general. But I guess that is too much to ask of men.

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