Self Hypnosis Training with Eric Mina

It was the great inventor Henry Ford who said,

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

This quote inspired me to chase my dreams, in spite of all the challenges. I obtained a B.S. in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and certification as a hypnotherapist, finding the tools needed to achieve focus along the way. Now, I use my understanding of the human mind in my keynote speeches & workshops to share simple-but-effective tools to achieve your goals in a fun and compelling way through interactive exercises.

Packed with information and business tactics, each of my presentations is designed to empower entrepreneurs and professionals with the skills they need to elevate their teams and organizations.

Some of my keynotes include:

The real reason we struggle to concentrate on what’s important

Why focus feels so good even though it’s so rare

The key to staying on task at any given moment

How the mind and body work together for focus or distraction


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