Self Esteem Meditation

The Balancing Bodies SELF ESTEEM MEDIATION… After many requests of some mediations I am very excited to announce that this is the first of the Balancing Bodies Mediation Series and it is now LIVE on the Balancing Bodies Youtube. Whether you struggle with self esteem issues or not, this short little 8 minute mediation is a perfect way for you to take some time to come to stillness and acknowledge the epic human you are. ⠀

This meditation has been designed to allow you to tune out the world and take some time to connect with yourself. By connecting with yourself we will allow ourselves the chance to go a little deeper, heal on a more profound level, and give ourselves some much needed time of self loving. By practicing this daily you will allow yourself to connect with yourself and build a stronger relationship with yourself so that you will accept and love yourself more fully every single day. ⠀


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