Searching for Stars on an Island Off Maine: A Lyrical Meditation on Religion and Science

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April 30, 2018 | MIT physicist and prolific writer Alan Lightman—a committed agnostic—poses questions commonly associated with religion from a physicist’s perspective. This approach is strong in his new book, Searching for the Stars on an Island Off Maine, which the Guardian called “full of insight into some of the mysteries of the physical world, as well as the physics of mystery.” Columbia physicist Luca Matone—a committed Catholic who teaches at Regis High School in Manhattan—is a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, whose discoveries of gravitational waves and colliding neutron stars were each named “Breakthrough of the Year” by Science magazine (2016, 2017). Lightman and Matone will engage in a down-to-earth conversation about physics, spirituality, God, human life, and the universe. They will bring their distinctly different but congenial perspectives to the conversation, moderated by Berkley Center Senior Fellow Paul Elie.


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