Schumann Resonance Meditation Music with Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats [32,4Hz]

Schumann Resonance‬ “From Earth to Heart” album is OUT NOW!

Stimulate your DNA to achieve Balance. Promote Rejuvenation and Healing.

“Scientific research has recently determined how the human body receives and uses the important information from the Earth’s field: 7 billion crystalline magnetites in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland are meant to receive guiding information from the band of electromagnetic frequencies that extends from the Earth’s crust to the ionosphere (Schumann Resonances). Today, the Earth’s field is polluted with man-made frequencies, so the human body instead receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology.”

The earth’s atmosphere is made up of different layers.
One of the layers of the atmosphere is the ionosphere, which is responsible for auroras, such as the northern lights. It is in this layer of the atmosphere that the Schumann Resonance can be found.


One thought on “Schumann Resonance Meditation Music with Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats [32,4Hz]

  1. awe namasté thank you this freuqentie's realy reconate with my bieeng i am so greatfull because i was realy inbalance i feel more centered in my bieeng an more whole more of my treu self beyond the personalety more of my treu indenty ! may you recieve abundant blessings of divine light and unconditional love bless you and thank you ferry mutch deep apriciation and graditude'namasté inlak'ech ala'kin AHO !!!

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