Save Room Themes Mix

Resident Evil save room style music, calming and brooding at the same time.

“As a big Resident Evil/Biohazard fan I’ve wanted to create a mix like this for awhile. The Save Room is one of the most important locations in the Resident Evil games. No I don’t mean to save your progress! Rather the rooms serve a break from the horror that lurks outside, a much needed contrast the defines the detective/horror setting. Not only are we safe within its walls, but they leave clues to what happened before us, who else hid in here? Did they leave any notes on their research?

Resident Evil wouldn’t be the games they are without the Save Room. So this long music mix is my attempt to highlight themes that influence me in the same way, while I roll up some red and green herb!

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did compiling it
– Simon, Atrium Carceri.”

00:00 Dead Melodies – A Trial of Crows and Blood

06:41 Flowers for Bodysnatchers – And There is a Darkness

12:57 Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast – End of the Century

19:56 Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect – Floor 6, Please

22:38 Dead Melodies – The Collector’s Harvest

26:02 Dead Melodies – In the Company of Ruin

29:34 Atrium Carceri, Cities Last Broadcast, God Body Disconnect – Quiet Days on Earth

36:57 The Humming Tapes – Fourth Floor

42:01 Dead Melodies – Lonesome Halls of Ruin

44:47 Wordclock – St. George

51:22 Sabled Sun – Dreams Without a Future

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28 thoughts on “Save Room Themes Mix

  1. Being a Resident Evil fan myself, these are masterpieces, to each their own. They have such a refined, melancholic atmosphere that gives one an imminent sense of doom just as it would in-game. The save rooms did, in fact, offer momentary relief from the horrors outside, but we knew we would eventually have to go back out and continue through the nightmare…

  2. Good to know RE is still inspiring, decades on. I've based my entire career on the moment I played 1, and the atmosphere it instilled. Save room was a big memory of that. Now I shall take a rest on the single bed next to the type writer

  3. This is save room. For a moment you feel safe, you would like it never to end. Unfortunately you do not have ink ribbon. You only have one life and in a moment you will come back to reality. A reality full of human monsters, violence, cruelty, disease …

  4. OMG I love the RE Save rooms for their brief respite from the horrors beyond the door, particularly RE 2's theme. I never knew that I wanted this mix until I heard it, capturing that magic is awesome. YES. PLEASE. THANK YOU.

  5. Dark outer reaches. Cold space. A future devoid of hopes. A cold outer world. Evil and good no longer clash. Wicked ruin has befallen the known worlds. On a desolate futuristic planet a dark story unfolds. Make it so. Make it deep space ambient music.

  6. Cryo is never a let down.  Cryo is the exclusive top rank to thick, deep, dense, and complex mixes and compositions.  Other channels have a lot of what I would call "flighty" pieces which are really just kitsch.

  7. This sound very similar to the German Jazz band Bohren&Der Club of Gore. It reminds me of the Sunset Mission album, which is their best one in my opinion. Not a bad thing at all 🙂

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