Samadhi – Guided Meditation #4 – Know Yourself (Nirvikalpa)

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It is only through deep inquiry into the self that one will truly understand what the films point towards.
We created some resources for participants of the meditation retreats at the Samadhi Center ( and decided that others may also find them helpful. Whether you are getting started in meditation, or you are interested in deepening your meditation practice, this series of guided meditations is designed to cultivate the concentration and equanimity needed to realize Samadhi. The parts are not separate meditation techniques, but part of one evolving, continuously deepening practice of observing the breath. Traditionally Samadhi is realized through deep meditation. If you want to realize Samadhi it is necessary to move beyond intellectual understanding to direct experience.

In this series of guided meditations, it is important to have the correct relationship to the instructions in the guided meditation. The meditative technique of focusing on the breath must be understood as simply a way to divert energy from the mind, and to bring consciousness deep into the unconscious aspects of your being. The technique is not something to add to your mind or self structure. Any technique is a “thorn to remove a thorn”, so you must be willing to let it go once it has served its purpose. As you move closer to Samadhi there is less mind, less technique, and less self, until there is a cessation of all activities of the self structure. This cessation of self is Samadhi, and in that stillness the dawning of wisdom or prajna is possible.

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30 thoughts on “Samadhi – Guided Meditation #4 – Know Yourself (Nirvikalpa)

  1. I love this.. I think its cool but there is no such thing as Christ consciousness its miss leading. there is a god and his name is Jesus..well at least one aspect of hime…how do I know..I died. and after I came back after my NDE…I have been seeing and experiencing God all the time and the different aspects of him. this is so close though…

  2. My journey, has been long and difficult, I read a lot, so I could understand how others perceived god. but I never became a follower of anyone, or any teachings, until the Tao Te Ching fell into my hands. I knew at last, I had found something that was similar to my core beliefs. Your videos are profound. I listen, and I hear what is not said, as it should be. Thank you for listening to your "inner calling" and creating these inspiring videos. The world is in need of them and many of us are in deep appreciation of your efforts☼

    Awakening is a process of letting go of all that we are not…….until No-thing is left ☺

  3. It is impossible to describe the gratefulness I feel for you. The gift of these four lessons that you are giving to the internet world are of an ineffable power, and the fact that I was able to stumble on your teachings from a friend's recommendation gives me tremendous feelings of love and gratitude. A deeply felt thank you.

    These lessons are providing me with extremely good and challenging material to learn to master my mind, and it gives me hope that I will be able to transmute the monsters that lurk in my untrained consciousness and learn to exist in the flow of this power below the surface of things.

  4. thank you for sharing the approach to realize who we are by unbecoming everything that we aren't…thank you for Samadhi part is one of the greatest films i ever watched.. waiting for the part 2..

  5. There is another hindrance, and that is the mind's contempt for silence. There are unwelcome thought patterns, but also deeply cherished thought patterns, that insist on filling the perceived void. It's like trying to abandon the familiar, with all of it's pain and pleasure, for some elusive, vaguely understood but "better" future state. To fully commit, there has to be some sign, some indication that it's worth it.

  6. A Lucid description of the undescribable. Gratitude for this articulation, all genuine seekers would benefit from these words as it is not easy to convey the essence of meditation, it needs to be sought, pursued and perceived- but this series can act as a very good signpost. Thank you for publishing, may it reach many!

  7. Sir one ques……it is the nature or Prakarti ,that creates the human being in such a manner,for instance, giving 5 senses and monkey mind ,so that it became aware of the relative,and we forget who we are,the changeless self……..
    Then why did God,or whatever name one gives, provide with these senses so that we remain in delusion…..does it didnt want to realize our true self????

  8. Words cannot express my gratitude towards what indications you have given towards the unknown,the one which cannot be told,but can only be experienced.
    Thanks a lot for your efforts in sharing .

  9. Your voice is vibrating at a soothing frequency which surfaces glimpses of who I really am beyond the constrains of my physical form and illusionary identity!

  10. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to share this important message; it is time the world wakes up and you help the light to shine in the darkness. Blessed are you!

  11. You inspired us to find the true nature within, starting from the inner worlds outer worlds movies and then samadhi movie. Finally you gifted us with the practical ways to explore this true nature through samadhi meditations. I pray that you get much more than you give and you experience the deepest levels possible and beyond. Thank you brother. You are a true inspiration!

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