Samadhi – Guided Meditation #2- The Hindrances

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Before doing this meditation please make sure that you have taken time to practice the technique described in part 1.

In this series of guided meditations, it is important to have the correct relationship to the instructions in the guided meditation. The meditative technique of focusing on the breath must be understood as simply a way to divert energy from the mind, and to bring consciousness deep into the unconscious aspects of your being. The technique is not something to add to your mind or self structure. Any technique is a “thorn to remove a thorn”, so you must be willing to let it go once it has served its purpose. As you move closer to Samadhi there is less mind, less technique, and less self, until there is a cessation of all activities of the self structure. This cessation of self is Samadhi, and in that stillness the dawning of wisdom or prajna is possible. Prajna is wisdom of the truth of who and what you are. It is not the sort of wisdom you learn or store in the limited mind, but it is directly realized when the mind becomes a servant to the unfathomable source, or the heart of your being.
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29 thoughts on “Samadhi – Guided Meditation #2- The Hindrances

  1. Such beautiful, marvellous meditations! I did a lot of meditation so far but your ones are insane. They are really formed compact,you just mention the main important facts and there is no expanding of the sentences till pluto. I really love your meditations!!!, (as far as I can give a feedback, because I have only meditated to the first two ones so far.) Thank you for all your work. I am going to spend some money soon 😀 Keep going!! Ps. And I love your concept that you are not interested in money and that you take your time for the next movie. Why hurry, when the quality would be suffering? Your attitude is awesome 🙂

  2. Excellent explanation of the hindrances. I used to think that I wasn't meditating correctly because my mind gave me a lot of distractions. I now know that this is normal, and it's okay. Just come back to the breath or mantra.

  3. @AwakenTheWorldFilm in what category of skandha would you place the convergence of nodes of knowledge into a higher order insight? In my experience of these moments, while some include auditory or visual thought, others appear as a congealing of bits of knowledge and sensations, which I have always classified as a thought, but maybe it's a perception? Interested to hear your take?

  4. Por favor, es imposible poner en Español el video, voy a configuraciòn y esta desactivado la opciòn en otros idiomas, que me sugieren hacer para poder poner el idioma Español, las pàginas no responden, es una làstima…..gracias

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