Salome Peace Meditation Canon in A Minor

​Words of Salome Peace Meditation:
– Salome gam nan ben Urda – gan njber asala Hesporona! (Lyrian)
– Friede sei auf der Erde, und unter allen Geschöpfen! (German translation)
– Peace be on the Earth, and among all created creations! (English translation)

Vocals: Piyali Ganguly
Music composition & Arrangement – Lise Jonsson a.k.a ZODALITT (
Mixed & Master: Torstein Jarwson
Words: FIGU (

This Peace meditation is a very special one for me. We hope you enjoy. Here is a bit about this meditation:

The Salome peace meditation ​is intended to initiate a turn for the better in the terrestrial humankind’s future. The intent ​is that through the emission of powerful and logical impulses, a positive polarity can be forged to counteract the negative “force field” surrounding ​our Earth much like a huge bell, which influences the ​population of our world and all nature. This negative force field was established, and continues to be entrenched, by several centuries of religious-sectarian, extremist and deteriorated terrestrial human thinking. Since terrestrial humankind, for better or for worse, is accountable for its own condition as well as for that of the planet, it is accountable also for the healing process. For this reason we call upon every rational and responsible human to participate in ​this ​Salome ​Peace Meditation. The more people who become involved, the greater and more powerful will be the positive-neutral force! While there is no reason to trigger or put any fear into people, threats of World War III and other disasters have not been eliminated! Continuous and immensely diverse efforts on everyone’s part will be required for a long time to come, so that one day in the distant future, terrestrial humankind will think and act in a more peaceful manner. Since every turn for the better, or the worse, is always a consequence of every individual’s decisions and efforts, the motto for all ​of us ​rational ​human beings should be to keep idle hands active. ​We​ must not allow ​ourselves to be prodded along the path of life like a herd of sheep under the influence of​ our​ collective instinct. Indeed, ​we must shape and direct ​our own destiny. Therefore​ everyone should ​say “live and help live​. ​


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