Sadhguru Tell How America Became No-1 – Ed Begley, Jr. with Sadhguru

In this excerpt, yogi, mystic, and visionary, Sadhguru and American actor and environmentalist, Ed Begley, Jr. discuss the human role of sustainability, a vision for recycling, and transforming agricultural systems.

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By A Volunteer of Project Green Hands/Rally For Rivers.

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24 thoughts on “Sadhguru Tell How America Became No-1 – Ed Begley, Jr. with Sadhguru

  1. He is a very intelligent man with true gift of sight of the internal world and higher dimension. Donald Trump should listen this man and we can stop another Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Poe Pok from asia. I don't want to eat fish with plastic, and as Americans we don't use the amount of plastic we do. We can cut our use of place by 80% percent.

  2. Sadhguru is saying all this in a very mild way……so that he does not upset people. The gravity of these problems may be much higher. Big honcho Universities/Companies should quantify these environment problems so that common people get a hang of it.

  3. If ALL OF US DIE THEN LIFE WILL FLOURISH ..That's quite a statement GURUJI..
    This is what we like about u that u speak truth without caring it's impact on others wether they like it or not…

  4. The scattering of plastic and all kinds of garbage is really bad in India though 😬 Stuff just gets tossed wherever, even in beautiful Himalayas 😔 Then, most homesteads burn the garbage.

  5. Correlation does not equal causation. Countries could be following US because they feel it is in the right direction. If US became communist/a dictatorship, do you think countries will follow? Or if US has loose gun laws does that mean others will make their gun laws also looser( we know for a fact, many countries have tightened). I don't think his arguments are very logical. Countries are moving toward more freedom and more tech advancement, it so happens that US is going in same direction. It's like imagine a guy is walking in front of you. Are you following him? No, he just happens to go in the same direction as you want to go too.

  6. Yes one type of plastic without gender bending chemicals Like bpa! !!!!!!!. Deepstate should also end the geoenginering program instantly! !!!!!!!!!!!!. And 5G should be banned! !!!!!!!!!!.🤗

  7. He’s in the land who created gmo, vaccines Monsanto’s/ Bayer now! What’s he talking about! The land that’s murderers people from the time it’s called USA this country is a corporate with a agenda kill real pure blooded nations

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