Sadhguru – Is Meditation enough for a spiritual journey?

Is Meditation enough for a spiritual journey?
-It’s only an incentive, ecstasy is only an incentive. that’s not the goal.
– creating that sweetness in the system is an incentive.
-ecstasy is not the goal of meditation;
it is just an incentive to keep you going; because otherwise you wouldn’t go.
-once there is a space between you and the body, between you and the mind this is the end of suffering.
-Once the fear of suffering is taken away,
only then you will keep your instinct of self-preservation down;
otherwise you won’t keep it down.
-you’ve empowered your instinct of self-preservation too much.
All the time it is trying to make you like a bubble in the world,
separate bubble.
-unless you keep your instinct of self-preservation down,
you will not become spiritual in any way.
-you don’t know how to be just happy
– try today and see, just go out and smile;
-meditation gives you that space between you and your body, between you and your mind.
-Once the fear of suffering is taken away,
-How to be Happy
-Power of paying attention

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