Sadhguru – Every day I Do 20 seconds of sadhana, I have no regular exercise regimen!

Magic (secret) of sadhguru’s Health
– share the magic of what you do to stay alert and healthy with such power.
-an important part of health is – how you eat.
-I do every day one twenty seconds of sadhana.
– I just let my energies run through a overhaul in the morning and that’s all I do.
-I have no regular exercise regimen;
-a couple of times in the last ten-twelve years, doctors
have written me off as, for sure, you won’t make it’because all my systems were failing But I’ve come out of that, just in a matter of days or weeks
-the posture and breathing.How these two things impact our health?
– lifetime learning how to sit.
– if you have to be healthy, you have to be at ease.
-Only if you sit with your spine erect, your organs are at maximum comfort.
-over 85% of the people do not know what’s health.
-keeping the body at ease is most important.
-you are who you are, only because of what you have perceived
-Perception means you must be like an antenna.
-I’ll sit the whole day like this, because the body is at ease.
-Health is not just physical. There a’re a whole lot of dimensions to it

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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35 thoughts on “Sadhguru – Every day I Do 20 seconds of sadhana, I have no regular exercise regimen!

  1. Does anyone know what’s the name of the song in the end? Sounds gentle and calm, I want to download it in my phone, could you pleas so kind to tell me?

  2. Namaskaran Sadhguru…your words are always music to my hears and your wisdom is one of the a few fountains left that I'd like to drink from, infinite thank you 🙂

  3. Oh you lucky Indians, but what about me? An European bastard with my wikings ancestors? right from tree still hunting wild boars in the forest! No chance to escape the grave for me, still waiting for a better reincarnation in south India.

  4. I so enjoy this person, good sense, obvious practice of what he speaks of, the wish to give only what truly will Love and be useful, and humour, like all the greatest people…At 5:05, where he speaks of sometimes not believing how can people not get it? Ah, that's one I know of also. As may you who are reading, eh? But many of the religious variations now teach that agreeing to not see, and to self-abuse, abuse others (another form of self abuse, obviously) is "Love", to negate one's responsability , which is also total freedom, is being "holy" , that the Ego , our creation in response to that freedom, and how we choose to manifest ourselves Loving, these religions instill as something horrible and ot be eschewed..instead of owned, and chosen wisely and responsably towards the Isness that created us to Love with..etc. Because of course, if you own yourSelf and the responsability of our connection, then religions have no longer any people to give them money and attention…people would be too busy loving each other and themselves and creating beauty.

  5. The Indian culture was proceeded by many far higher cultures. The present-day Indian phenotype is not even the same as it was in ancient times. Much has changed over the entire globe. There is nothing lofty about the word "science." It is an English word, basically meaning, "examining perceived reality from the left hemisphere of the brain." Hence, the reason why science has to re-orient, change, clarify, or completely dismiss, today, that which it defined as "hard-science," yesterday. Hyperboria was the very first culture of so-called humanity on this planet. Many were translucent, but upon shifting into greater density, were said to be deep green, like plants, or deep brown. Many were giants! They existed thousands of years ago. The Kemetic (Egyptian), Olmec, and Mayans are among the highest of civilizations. Being a remnant of those surviving Kemites, the Dogon of West Africa retain much of the Kemetic knowledge. Aryans are the most recent addition to the "so-called" human family, understood to be not more than 6,000 years old.

  6. if we could just sit all day instead of working for a living, we would all CERTAINLY be much healthier and live longer and need less sleep ,unfortunately there has to be a crowd of gullible idiots paying the bills of those convincing them to do it for them , Lord ,……..servant,…. see how it works ? the lord lives in comfort for many years at the expense of his subordinates

  7. India is not actually poor at all…the kind of riches i or many like me have lived there and seen are free flowing unlike any country I have been too..

    Plus maybe the poverty is due to the high population and it's in a way acts like a filter for people who really and truly want to seek spiritualism beyond what's visible in popular news…
    And we all know how western news portrays more of the sad parts in any country be in China Indonesia or India or vietnam
    . As That's their eye…"The eye"
    It is said people and countries as a whole see outside what they are inside if they have gutter inside they see only that outside..
    Where as India is rich In so many things and if a seeker wants to see or seek they will look beyond what is obvious and look into the riches

  8. Real wisdom comes from experienced knowledge. Sadhguru has it <3 He's my present "hero" on Earth..There is unfortunately not many who act according to their preaching.. " Don't do as I do, just do as I say" said the Pastor/priest/minister kinda thing 😀 😛 Namaste bro's & sis's <3

  9. the usual story….the wealth and education hoarded by a small selfish minority…who preserve themselves by the employment of suppression ..the patterns are lamentably repeated all over the world throughout history…

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