Sadhguru Describes His Mother

Sadhguru describes his relationship with his mother, recounting the many detailed ways through which she demonstrated her love for her family.



I think there was no some grand expression of love or this and that, it was just a taken-for- granted relationship. It’s taken for granted that we are of paramount importance to her. (Laughs) So it never occurred to us, ‘Oh she loves us, she takes care of us,’ these thoughts never came, it’s like, that’s all her life is about that she… just what matters in her life is just us. She gave us that cocoon and I think that made a tremendous difference to all of us in those times. And as I have already many times said, she was… she made everything with her hands in the house, from cooking to embroideries, stitching drapes and stitching things, everything was her work. Her signature was all over the house. Without saying a word, it was simply everywhere. When somebody asked me what is the thing, this is what came to my mind first and I spoke about it, and I think it’s printed in books and things like that now.
I remember when we went out to other places, always every pillowcase, every bed sheet, everything is embroidered, you know. Some embroidery she would have done. If when we went out to places outside and just before sleeping if she saw the pillowcase is just a white pillow case she would say, ‘How can children sleep on an empty pillow case,’ and within five minutes she would put a small parrot. I remember those green parrots so well because looking at the damn parrot I would just fall asleep. (Applause) I… Those parrots are sticking in my head so strong, or a little five-petaled flower, which used to be, you know those… I don’t know what… I’ve forgotten all those names. There used to be Anchor threads, Anchor brand threads, which used to come like this (Gestures) in a… If you stitch them, let’s say it’s pink in one place, in other place it’ll be reddish, you know. When you stitch it, it’ll come. I am sure even now those things should be there, but I am not… seen them in a long time.

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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – The Founder of Isha Foundation

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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30 thoughts on “Sadhguru Describes His Mother

  1. Sadhguru also described my mother brilliantly. I've always tried to find the words and when I heard his description I thought that too was my mother and yes I too took her for granted. I had a wonderful mom in this world and she is still my mother in the afterworld. Love you mom and thank you.

  2. Yes sadhguru , you r right , my mother never taught me anything , never she said do this do that , but she lived her life in such a way , her way of life became my university of learning anything to everything . Love you Amma ??? , thank u for giving me everything before I desire to have it in my life .

  3. being addicted to hearing his life changing speeches …. yaa i agree with you sadhguruji.. as my mother was a working lady we missed all those aspects of life…coming from school we opend lock than sometyms cook food,sometymes only biscuits and sometyms with emty stomach we slept…we just needed her badly at that moment…

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